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  1. The 7.62x45mm doesn't exist (anymore) in the normal build due to BIS changing it and all references to the proper caliber of 7.62x51mm.
  2. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Nothing. That was removed in the most recent update. It was not a fun day for my loadout scripts.
  3. Correct, Six Updater carries it as well. Look for @I44.
  4. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Try them and see. The T-10 is round and the MC-5 is steerable. The MC-5 also takes longer to open.
  5. You should probably take it as a compliment. I've heard of a few people picking it up thinking it was somehow related to Invasion 1944 and then, well let's just say they were very disappointed. Just like how people bought War Z thinking it was the Day Z standalone or related to that World War Z movie. As a player, I've played most of the missions with my group in private and made several of my own. And yes the stock missions are very well done. As a server administrator, common missions like Domination and Insurgency are all I'm willing to run on a public server. That's due more to player base than anything else. If I'm opening up a real mission to the public, chances are high that some idiot is going to come along and either intentionally ruin it for everyone else or indirectly through running off to be Rambo. I've tried doing so in the past and have regretted it each time. Idiots and griefers can cause a lot less damage in a mindless game mode and any damage they do cause is easier to fix. As for islands, Chernarus just happens to provide the size and level of variety I'm looking for in a randomized public mission. I currently have 39 main targets and 54 side targets for the RNG gods to choose from on mine, though it wasn't originally made for I44. If I want a mindless public mission that people are going to memorize every inch of the map, it's probably going to be Chernarus Domination. If I want something detailed and requiring actual thought, then it's going to be one of the I44 maps or something like Celle 2. People are playing your mod in the first place, so that's a good thing. Try not to get too caught up on how they're choosing to play it.
  6. I added a few important issues (in my mind anyway) to the tracker, hopefully they help. It's very refreshing to see developers putting effort into fixing bugs instead of only adding new content.
  7. The water flickering, and likely the weather condition problem as well, is caused by a problem in the config for the Neaville islands, specifically the overcast weather section of Chernarus. The problem there is that the BIS Chernarus config does not have its own overcast section but instead draws it from the defaults set in CAWorld. This can easily be fixed by moving the overcast entries from Chernarus up to CAWorld and then deleting the weather entries from the Chernarus section. If that doesn't make sense due to how terrible I am at explaining things, send me a PM and I will send you the fixed config. Note that it will need to be done for both versions of the island. Apologies for not simply posting it on DH. I seem to have misplaced my account.
  8. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    this setVariable ["ACE_SYS_STAMINA_MULTI",0.8]; You'll need to mess with it a bit to find the level you want. 0.8 is the default for SF units.
  9. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    ACE meds are magazines so you will need to use addmagazine rather than addweapon.
  10. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Yes and no. You can right click on an addon in Six and select "Go to changelog of mod" in the menu but unfortunately a lot of changes remain unlisted.
  11. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Broken bones? What? If you mean not being able to walk or aim straight after getting revived, then there is a "full heal in the field" module you can add to your missions.
  12. 208 74 9 235 I'll give 96643 a try when it's out. Thank you for including that.
  13. Where it says my server is: serverLongitude=10 serverLatitude=62 (Norway) Where it actually is: serverLongitude=-120 serverLatitude=37 (West Coast, USA) This seems to fall slightly outside the margin of error.
  14. 1) Put {_x setmarkeralpha 0} forEach ["marker1","marker2","marker3"]; in the init.sqf for multiples or just "marker1" setmarkeralpha 0; for a single marker. 2) Yes. 3) Not with this script, unfortunately.
  15. Strikor

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Primary weapon on back during pistol use is part of the pistol animations.