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  1. Thanks a lot h.. works like a charm now :-)
  2. Hmmm can't get this to work. Tested it just on the town of Sofia.. Trigger activated by blufor with... A marker in the middle of Sofia called then this in a 'destruction.sqf' file in the mission folder.. Nothing happens at all. Any ideas what I've done incorrectly?
  3. Thanks Grumpy that script works a treat. I've altered some of the numbers to lessen the amount of AI a bit and it's crankin :-)
  4. Hi mate Thanks for that, is there a way to get them to spawn on different markers though as they all spawn on the same one? EDIT- actually don't worry mate, they all head out patrolling in different directions so all good. Thanks :-)
  5. Hi guys I'm wanting to spawn a few AI groups every so often at regular intervals (say every 30 seconds) on different markers as players descend onto a town. I've got it working fine by using half a dozen triggers all with their centers at the same point but each one with a smaller radius than the last. But I'd really like to make it all happen with just one trigger. Quick example of what I have now:- The 1st trigger with 1200m radius with this... Then the 2nd trigger with 1150m radius with this... And so on for a total of 6 different triggers, 6 different markers and 6 different timed spawns. So is it possible to put all this scripting into just 1 trigger and have each lot fire at 30 second intervals? Thanks.
  6. Thanks noris it worked perfectly.
  7. Hi guys, I already have this in my init.sqf which works fine on the damage handling of editor placed units. What I'd like to do though is have any spawned units spawn with the same damage handling. Currently any units spawned have the default damage. I'm spawning units via the BIS fnc... Hoping it's an easy fix. Thanks.
  8. Got it working... grp = [getMarkerPos "M1", independent, 6] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; grp setFormDir 220;
  9. Hey guys I don't really get that optional azimuth/direction, makes no sense to me and I tried the other example but doesn't matter what number of degrees I put in they just spawn and face the same way everytime.
  10. Hi guys I have a marker called M1 and a trigger with this... grp = [getMarkerPos "M1", independent, 6] call bis_fnc_spawngroup; I want the group to spawn and take their formation all facing in a certain direction though and as yet I've failed. Tried something from the wiki which didn't work but I'm a scripting nub anyway. Is there a little bit of extra code I can add to that to achieve what I want? Thanks
  11. -ami- mofo

    Titan Compact: Can't lock on targets since latest update

    Anymore news on this? I've been away for over a month and it was working normally before I left. Of note is that not only doesn't the AT lock on anymore but when you fire a missile there's not even a hint of any recoil at all.
  12. -ami- mofo

    Artillery script half works

    Thanks mate, works a treat as usual :-) Have a great xmas.
  13. Hey daza I'm fine now thanks mate, I use Arma's revive together with a bit of scripting that keeps us in revive mode for 5mins. Plenty of time to get revived and if not it's dead/mission failed.
  14. Hi guys, I have a scorcher called arty1 and an invisible marker called arty_target1 Then I have a trigger with activation as "radio alpha" and in the on act I have This is a co-op MP mission and works as it should for the mission host.. but for any other player the radio alpha only results in the scorchers gun barrel pointing skywards (and kind of wiggling a bit)... but nothing comes out?! Does anyone know why this happens and what I need to change so that the scorcher actually fires for the non host players? Thanks.
  15. Yep Larrow's the man... he sorted me out. Make an InitPlayerLocal.sqf file with Larrow's scripting and slip it into your missions folder and then you can stay in revive mode until the timer runs out without taking anymore damage and dying. I use the script below (also from Larrow) as it does ^^that but also enables me to alter the damage we take as we often play in a small co-op group against quite a few AI. So we need to be less prone to damage than usual. Couple of other things... I think you have to disable respawn in the editors multiplayer attributes as I've heard revive and respawn don't work well together. I don't use respawn though anyway so can't confirm whether true or not. Also in editor MP attributes have the revive mode 'controlled by player attributes'. Incapacitation mode 'basic'. Set the revive timer to how long you want players to stay in revive until they bleed out and die. Then right click on your playable units and choose 'attributes', 'object special states' and check the 'revive enable' box. Now you should be good to go.