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  1. After playing a lot I'm still not satisfied with how the game looks... Sometimes too bright... sometimes without colour... Right now I'm using 1.2 brightness and 1.0 gamma... NOTE: I have turned PP off.
  2. Kramxel

    Newb's First Impressions

    I played OFP without map markers and waypoints, so when I started playing Arma2, i was used to it. If you are within a squad, you just go with the flow... follow them and make sure you know where they are, like someone would do IRL. If you're alone (or in command), use GPS, compass+landmarks and a lot of map. IRL there's no magic yellow marker.
  3. Kramxel

    Newb's First Impressions

    The AI doesn't make a perfect spotter... I once tried a tool from this forums, where you had a mission and you had a visual demonstration (position marker and area) of what the AI thought it was your position. Individual soldiers are easy to fool, squads are pretty effective at locating your area (the number advantage), but you can still fool them. The issue with areas with vegetation is that it doesn't matter that much to the AI (they probably have a low penalty, if any at all)... while it visually hampers you. P.S: Sounds are taken into consideration.
  4. Kramxel

    Arma 2 Player Age

    27 and counting...
  5. Props on the video! It's an instant classic! Great job!
  6. On a combat zone no one is running around.... And if you do so in ARMA, you'll get shoted in a jiffy. So, the discussion of the infinite stamina is quite pointless, because even though you are able to run forever, there's no advantage in doing that.
  7. I use the Six-updater (great tool btw), and my version is!
  8. Just tried out the new version, and I am proud to report that the problems I had with the beta version are now inexistent. My problem was with the aiming system, which prevented from being accurate at close ranges... I had a really hard time hitting targets at 50m... That stopped me from playing ACE, but now several months after I tried it out and it is a charm! Congratulations on a fantastic job!
  9. So this is my problem: Whenever I start a new game, or load one, the default is set for running.... I have to double tap the "walking" key (SHIFT in my config) so that the soldier walks by default and runs while SHIFT is pressed. My question is, is there anyway to make walking the default? Maybe some mod or config file altering solution...
  10. Kramxel

    Setting up "walking" as default

    Nice to see I'm not the only one! I was wondering if there was anyway to add this in a script in the start of a mission...
  11. Kramxel

    Setting up "walking" as default

    Small problems are problems too! :p :p :p
  12. Kramxel

    Setting up "walking" as default

    That was a nice suggestion, but unfortunately, if i set the slow forward to "w", then the toggle walk run key "2xshift" won't work and I would have to assign a key for "forward". Thus having 3 keys instead of the regular 2.... An explanation: Default: Slow forward: Shift+w Forward: w Fast forward: 2xW What I normally use: 2xShift Slow forward: w Forward: Shift+w Fast forward: 2xW Your suggestion: Slow forward: w Forward: 3rd key (besides w and shift) Fast forward: 2xW What I really want is the ability of not having to 2xShift every time I start a new game or load a save...
  13. I don't have a link, but I've seen many documentaries on Gulf War I and they all stated that T-72s lighted up pretty easily... and their turrets would fly on many occasions.
  14. I know, I know... Been trying out different riffles, in a training setup I found (a man walking from side to side at user defined ranges). The range was 50m, semi-auto. I must say some riffles are absolute money! (MP5, one of the PLA's and a couple more) The M4 is one of the worse... I can only get consistent shot using multiple one-shoters... P.S: I confirmed wind has little (if any) effect at that range.
  15. Yeah, I know that... but it only works on sniper rifles... my problem is with assault rifles though. Later I'm gonna try disabling the wind system and see if that's the problem. Missing 50m shots is really frustrating...
  16. Thanks for the reply! The sound issues are gone now that I tweaked the userconfig file. Also have been playing with the editor and trying different riffles... and different sights. Some sights are just very hard for me to get accurate with them. They must have changed some zero values... at least that's my explanation. EDIT: @kamakazi Never noticed that before... thanks for the tip!
  17. Just noticed there are new updates.... Will report back if problems remain.
  18. Hi! New to ACE, and have a few questions (noob ones, I know...). 1.) There is no music in the main menu. Is this normal? 2.) In-game there are no radio calls... the messages are still displayed, but no sound can be heard. 3.) Also, when I access my profile, I get an error regarding a missing sound file. And when I try to change the voice (male1", "male2", etc) no sound is displayed. 4.) Lastely, I'm unable to consistently make shots with automatic rifles in distances over 100m. I was pretty decent in the vanilla game, and was pretty good with sniper rifles. Now, I am half decent with sniper rifles, but with automated ones (M4, M16, etc) I suck. Even with close targets (<100m), I am well under 50% accuracy in single shots. Am I missing something? P.S: I instaled through the Six Updater.
  19. Is there any mod that changes grass height? I'm finding harder and harder to play arma2 for fun... and I've already finished the campaign.... It's hugely frustrating to get shot by someone you can't see.... even if you're looking directly at him...
  20. I suppose you're talking about the main base....
  21. Kramxel

    Bitter Chill problem

    If the enemies are close enough they will disobey the "hold fire" command... But in your case it seems more like a bug.
  22. You can in the previous mission by downloading the hotfix and replaying that mission. Just search for: 1.) Attack is the best form of defense. Remember that while you are building defenses, the enemy is building BMPs... On my first run through the mission I had to kill 60+ BMPs because I used a very slow approach. On my 2nd run I moved as fast as I could, and only had to kill 10 or so... The city menu allows for you to allocate resources to defense. That will come in form of units.... which you have no control over. You can always assign someone from your team to man a static defense, and then assign them to other teams. But generally those city units will take those positions... it's not always the case though. 2.) One solution: Load the vehicles with the men you don't want to send away, then disband or send to another teams the remainders. If that happens when the vehicle is full, they will not try to board them once you disembark the vehicle. 3.) Several people have reported that issue... I have never had any problem though... Just make sure that you're close enough to the factory... if you are far away, it won't appear in the menu. 4 and 5) Can't help you because I did something in the previous mission, which affected the start of this mission.
  23. Kramxel

    The 'end'..

    Just finished it! I must say I have a bitter-sweet feeling.... For once most of the missions are bugged and are pretty crappy because of that.... but to be honest, on my 2nd play (never had to restart more than 2 times), all missions are pretty entertaining when they are bug free! DOW, Bitter Chill and Manatten are glorious missions when every thing works as it should! Especially DOW... on my 2nd run, everything went for the best...