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  1. What the total file size were looking at seeing?
  2. How can I disable the thermals on a TOW that I place with the CSW System? Thanks, h3killa
  3. Is there a way to disabled the logistics system globally after X time? Also, is there a way to force players to drop the object they are holding and can that be done with all players at once?
  4. How did you set your up? I keep having problems where everyone but me starts hanging on Init: MPRights. Ideas anyone?
  5. This is ace compatible right? And when running ACE, you don't use INKO's mod?
  6. h3killa

    JTD Fire And Smoke

    Any possibility of making the fires cause damage? ACE for example.
  7. h3killa

    Citylife 2 Released

    And the point of that post was what?
  8. Well, if you make it a server side addon than all your problems can be avoided.
  9. h3killa


    Well done JDMT! Looks like I need to help out more with ACRE :P
  10. h3killa


    M1n1d0u, you ask EVERYDAY! It will be done when it is. If I had the choice, every day you ask I would add another day to the release date. Actually, I'm going to bring that up now.
  11. h3killa


    Ok, asking everyday will not speed up development. In essence it will only take longer because the devteam has to respond to your "requests" everyday. It will be done and ready when its done and ready.