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    Prarie Fire discussion

    $ steamcmd login <yoursteamcmduser> app_update 233780 validate add to launcher string: -mod="vn"
  2. This is great. Thanks for creating it and glad it's still active.
  3. 1longtime


    Just bumping this... does anyone know the answer?
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    Hi Jezuro. Is the source code to Warlords available?
  5. Very late response, but the config.php is changed like this: 1) Find the following lines: # add as many more mods as you like... just copy the next line, uncomment, and edit: #array_push($mods, array("http://www.some-yoma-link.com/updater/someyomafile.7z", "/home/arma2user/arma2-server/@mymodfolder/")); 2) Remove the # from the second line (the array_push line) and fill out the two fields so: a) first parameter is the Yoma Autoconfig URL b) second parameter is the folder where the mods are located Example to set up Kelley's Heroes ACE Yoma URL with the folder located at "/home/arma2user/arma2-server/@ace2/" array_push($mods, array("http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/updater/ArmA2ACE-Repository/ArmA2ACE-Repo.7z", "/home/arma2user/arma2-server/@ace2/")); ...then in the folder where this script is located, executed the script with: php -f addonsync-update.php This is also contained in the readme.txt.
  6. TOOL UPDATED: 1) Now properly handles lower-case filenames used for a Linux dedicated server (the "permanent backup" workaround is no longer necessary). 2) Now handles multiple AddOnSync repositories, running the tool will sync all configured modpack repositories. Strongly recommend anyone using the old version to download the updated version. The improvements are important.
  7. This is a PHP script to sync a Linux based Arma2 server to a Yoma repository. It downloads an AddOnSync "manifest" file (some .7z), parses it for mod files, checks if they've changed, and if so it will delete the stale file and re-download the new one. This is essentially what AddOnSync does. This is useful for repositories that do not allow anonymous FTP or do not have a proper "rsync" server for sync'ed updates. Download at Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=10732 UPDATED: 6/15/2010 Comes pre-loaded with the ACE2 repository at Kelly's Heroes ( http://www.kellys-heroes.eu/ they maintain an AddOnSync-ready ACE2 mirror, a much needed community service), so this is also a good way to get an updated version of ACE2 on your Linux server without using the SIX Linux workaround.
  8. 1longtime

    Launching mods on Linux server

    Just a note, if you are attempting to use mods in subfolders / subdirectories on a Linux server, you need to use a backslash in the path (even though Linux uses forward slashes) AND you need to "escape" that backslash with another backslash. You also need to "escape" the semicolon with a backslash... so basically lots of backslashes. For instance, if you wanted to start the server with the following mods: @mymod @foo\@bar ...then the modified line in the "arma2server" file would look like: $MOD=@mymod\;@foo\\@bar\;
  9. 1longtime

    Untern_Lehrgang - problem

    This mission works now. After upgrading the Linux server to 1.05 and ACE to 195, it simply works now. I do not understand why, but I am happy.
  10. If the regedit fix failed for you (like me) then here's another fix: 1) run regedit.exe 2) under Edit -> Find do a search for "pbo" 3) delete every key/value pair defining PBO values. 4) log out of Windows and log back in 6) run cpbo.exe to re-install the cPBO Explorer tools 7) log out and log back in again 8) right click a PBO, you should now see the "extract PBO" option you had before installing 1.05 This is an issue with Kegety's tool and the way it associates itself with files in the registry. The steps I listed above fixed the problem for me (Win 7) but the reg fix listed before did not. EDIT: um, ok looks like I should have refreshed before I posted. 76 posted the same thing in fewer lines... but whatever, I'll leave my redundant post.
  11. 1longtime

    Untern_Lehrgang - problem

    No one else has problems with this mission? I have connected to a few servers where this mission loads incorrectly with the "Error Undefined variable in expression: pos1". I am surprised no one else is helping. Also, I cannot find any problem with my server configuration...
  12. 1longtime

    Untern_Lehrgang - problem

    I still have the same error "Error Undefined variable in expression: pos1" in the editor. When I click "Preview" in the editor, I have more vehicles (and AI friends), but there are still missing items: the TOW Hummer and M2 Hummer, the ammo crates, and all the walls are gone. What could be wrong with my server? I have seen other servers with the same problem, some can run Untern Lehrgang properly and some cannot. EDIT: The other ACE missions work properly on my server. Are there some special add-ons/scripts that I need?
  13. I'm having trouble running the following mission: co_32_Untern_Lehrgang_1_01.Chernarus.pbo ...which I copy from ACE\mpmissions to arma2\mpmissions folder on the server. Mission version 1.01, 1.02, and 1.03 all have errors and begin with only four vehicles (one Stryker, three MTVRs). The error logs are: 22:23:56 Mission co@32 ACE Untern.Lehrgang v1.01[KD] read from bank. Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mission.sqm/Mission/Vehicles/Item22.vehicle: Vehicle class MineMineE no longer exists Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mission.sqm/Mission/Vehicles/Item23.vehicle: Vehicle class MineMineE no longer exists Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mission.sqm/Mission/Vehicles/Item24.vehicle: Vehicle class MineMineE no longer exists Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mission.sqm/Mission/Vehicles/Item25.vehicle: Vehicle class MineMineE no longer exists Warning Message: mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\mission.sqm/Mission/Vehicles/Item26.vehicle: Vehicle class MineMineE no longer exists ... ...and more... 0:08:21.793 (0) [x\ace\addons\module_easa\XEH_preInit.sqf:8] Initializing: ace_module_easa version: 0.1.188 0:08:21.989 (0) [x\ace\addons\sys_irstrobe\XEH_preInit.sqf:6] Initializing: ace_sys_irstrobe version: 0.1.188 0:08:22.141 (0) [x\acex\addons\c_veh_mah6\XEH_preInit.sqf:4] Initializing: acex_c_veh_mah6 version: 0.1.136 radar is not soldier nor transport. No transport hq is not soldier nor transport. No transport 1161b3f8# 1055219: wf_anti_radar_east.p3d is not soldier nor transport. No transport 116bcd38# 1055220: wf_heliport_east.p3d is not soldier nor transport. No transport Strange convex component x\acex\addons\m_veh_stryker\m1127_m2.p3d in component23:geometryFire Vehicle type MineMineE does not exist "############################# co@32_ace_untern_lehrgang_1_01 #############################" Error in expression <setterraingrid 50; pos_array=[position pos1,position pos2,position pos3,positio> Error position: <pos1,position pos2,position pos3,positio> Error Undefined variable in expression: pos1 File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\init.sqf, line 39 22:27:39 Mission read. 0:09:09.383 (0) [x\ace\addons\version\XEH_postInit.sqf:4] Initializing: ace_version version: 0.1.188 Error in expression <); _pos = pos_array select _p; _handle=[_pos]execVM "setpos_sample.sqf"; }; if > Error position: <_pos]execVM "setpos_sample.sqf"; }; if > Error Undefined variable in expression: _pos File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\init.sqf, line 73 [...] Many Strykers are missing, there are no ammo/weapon crates, the walls of the base do not appear. I have seen the mission work correctly, but I cannot make it work correctly on my server. It should start with many more vehicles (Hummers, Strykers) and have tents, crates, and walls all around the start. I am launching the server with only ACE 188 /ACEX / CBA / and now ACEX_SM. I do not know how to contact Kiddynamite... and my deutsche is very bad! Is anyone else having this problem when they try to play this ACE mission? Am I doing something wrong with my server configuration, or has a recent ACE update broken the mission?
  14. Worked flawlessly using 1.04.61018 on Ubuntu 8.04 dual core with 2GB RAM. Thanks, guys at BIS, for making this happen.
  15. 1longtime

    ArmA 2 I/O analysis results

    I don't want to sidetrack this thread, but I want to post a counter-example to this post: This is the exact opposite of what I have recently posted, particularly how happy I was to drive through Elektroz without stutters. An SSD WAS the solution for me. It solved all the "massive stuttering." I'm not sure why you are still having problems... perhaps you have an older SSD? The older ones had major problems with write caching... The RAM-Drive is faster, without a doubt. I don't have enough RAM to move the entire Arma2 folder, but even with only the highly used PBOs it will undoubtably be an improvement for performance. However, I'm very happy with my SSD performance now so it won't be a high priority. Very interesting though. Again, I'm sorry you're having problems with your SSD, but I want to respond as a counter-example: I bought a newer-generation SSD and it makes Arma 2 awesome. HDD reading is a major bottleneck, and SSD solved it. A RAM-disk is no doubt even MORE awesome. I'm jealous. Maybe. But we know this is the best game on the market... so a little bit of obsessive behavior isn't so bad. I chased the dream of ultra-high-resolution Arma2 with ultra-high-performance... and you know what it cost me? Another 8800gtx (eBay for $65) and an SSD ($320 + tax). Totally worth it.