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  1. best2nd

    DLC Ads

    Why are you all complaining now? BIS used Karts DLC as a test bed. Why didn't you express your concerns back then and not now when they have already rolled out with the DLC strategy? I don't think they are in the position now to change it.
  2. best2nd

    Difficulty related to ZEUS

    300 meters is within effective range of your average assault rifle. I'm not bothered by AI accuracy, what bothers me is the speed at which they react.
  3. Still better than Mass Effect 3! I had to do it...
  4. It was a well known fact ever since Altis was released on devbranch. The coordinates of the islands are displayed during loading screens.
  5. best2nd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    You should make a ticked on the feedback tracker.
  6. best2nd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Yes I noticed that too. It seems to be a glitch (at least I think it's a glitch) where some light sources, like flares, were weakened. Just try launching a flare in pitch black to see what I mean.
  7. "initialize" call BIS_fnc_jukeBox
  8. best2nd

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    Unable to reproduce. Was engaging them from 300m, they were unable to spot me. As soon as I switched to daylight via splendidâ„¢ camera, they spotted me. They had flashlights on.
  9. That's because you replayed the mission. Scouting missions will be gone when you complete the entire mission set.
  10. best2nd

    Adapt: the supply convoy

    Am I the only one, who let the AI do all the work (except driving)?
  11. best2nd

    Scouting missions...?

    Why was it not delayed then?
  12. best2nd

    Rate the first episode!

    It's a fake mortar. Shells spawn out of thin air.
  13. best2nd

    Patrol Missions

    I keep running over some random pedestrians... They spooked me with their guns...
  14. best2nd

    Patrol Missions

    Oh! You made new friends already! How wonderful!