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  1. tonygrunt

    Oculus Rift VR headset

    1080p HD Oculus Rift prototype will be in E3.
  2. Scripting respawn areas to lock out mines might work but you can't lock out the whole island. What happens when I mine a road where friendly vehicles are about to pass or a building that is a map task? Make moving lock out areas? I dislike also when people run in my line of fire when instead of passing behind me, they run in front me. Should TK punishment for this also be removed? With every weapon there is a situation that you can unintentional TK someone. Maybe a little more patience till people get accustomed to mines.
  3. Rehosting image for posting in forum. Click on image for a slightly better version.
  4. tonygrunt

    Install Arma 2 DLCs On Arma 2

    Is there any reason for this thread to remain open?
  5. If you remove the punishment, I expect people abusing it with mines in respawns areas, near friendly vehicles, etc.
  6. tonygrunt

    Take On Patches

  7. tonygrunt

    Install Arma 2 DLCs On Arma 2

    There is ArmA2, ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead and packages which combine both games. Maybe you chose the wrong patch. Where did you buy it (which digital shop or which disc publisher) and if possible tell us which game version you have at the game menu, right bottom corner.
  8. tonygrunt

    Bohemia Interactive @ E3 2013 - DISCUSSION

    I am hoping that "Take on Mars" is based on the RV engine, will be nice to fly a helicopter on Mars. :D
  9. Click on my sig(PC specs) for details. i7 3930K@4.7GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 680@1346MHz 4GB VRAM, SSD.
  10. BAF and PMC lite are part of the 1.60 patch.
  11. @Sneakson. I tried your settings, graph below is from start of mission till capturing the town (around 10 mins). Min 55 fps in the middle of the mission.
  12. tonygrunt

    AIA Shader Error

    If you don't already have done it, backup and then delete one by one the files Arma3Alpha.cfg, <USERNAME>.Arma3AlphaProfile, <USERNAME>.vars.Arma3AlphaProfile. Test in between deletions, maybe one of them has some corrupted setting.
  13. Unless something changed recently TOH Rearmed doesn't work with the encrypted payed DLCs. PMC and BAF work for you because it is picking the lite versions which come included with the latest patches of ArmA2OA. If you want to use ACR, I think you have to install ACR lite.
  14. R-click on ArmA2OA in steam library and select "View CD key", does it show one? I am running out of ideas.
  15. Try completely closing steam and starting it again as Administrator. Then do a "Verify integrity of game cache".
  16. You haven't posted what your problem is, you say you have "(Default)","Data" "Key" & "main" but are they right? It should look something like this: My key is fake but yours should look similar, 15 various hex numbers. DON'T EVER POST YOUR KEY!! Usually the "Key" is incorrect (eg. all zeros) and makes problems. Where did you buy ArmA2OA, steam?
  17. Dayz requires both ArmA2 and ArmA2OA. Also you probably have to run steam as admin at least for the 1st time of running both ArmA2 and ArmA2OA to be properly installed. Starting ArmA2 at least once is mandatory to be recognized by ArmA2OA.
  18. tonygrunt

    Steam discussion

    Not possible at the moment. There is no serial attached to player id anymore, so your player id is your steam account id. So MP authentication is done by steam or a combination of steam and gamespy.
  19. Have you got ArmA2? Did you run it at least once before? If ArmA2 is on Steam try to "Verify integrity of game cache". It is possible that it is disabled in the Expansions menu option, does it show there?
  20. Screenshot shows 1.62.105785, which is a beta patch. That doesn't mean your ArmA2OA is updated to the official 1.62 version which is 1.62.95248. You probably skipped the patches to 1.62 and started running beta patches, ultimately missing some updated content including the GUI elements.
  21. tonygrunt

    GPS Location

    Find your "ProfileName.vars.Arma3AlphaProfile" file and delete it, this resets the GPS position to the new lower right corner. No idea what else is stored is this file (I think your Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) loadouts) so you might want to keep a backup.
  22. One example is http://www.armedassault.com/, making all official Armed Assault patches unavailable.
  23. tonygrunt

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    Similar feature requests 8310, 7845 and 6740 were closed as duplicate of 6428. I suggest adding a note there as your feature request might not last long.
  24. tonygrunt

    A10 Flight Issues

    What is your airspeed? If it is colored red you are stalling. If you are using the throttle on your joystick, maybe it's not correctly configured. Try pressing down "Q" constantly for maximum thrust.
  25. Have you setup in steam your custom URL, it's not automatic. Click Edit profile on your profile page and if Custom URL is empty fill it, else tell us what you have.