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  1. It just seems like BIS is so good at making an awesome multiplayer experience, and then supporting it with mod tools. And having been following this game for some time now, it looks like it would be AWESOME with multiplayer.
  2. I can confirm, I will not buy this game unless there is MP in it. Does anyone care? No.
  3. This game looks fantastic, and most BI games are. That said, it also looks like it would be fantastic with a multiplayer component that is able to be modded much like Arma. I reserve hope for MP. Please BI......
  4. Wait wait...MP isn't in launch? If that is the case, DELAY DELAY DELAY. Otherwise, what the first post said.
  5. Ya it seems to have been the Base Build Distance, we had it on 100 meters. It requires a larger diameter. Thanks.
  6. Ran into this: "Must be at airport to build planes" earlier today. We were playing starting with one base for each team, and ours was situation on the northern airfield of Takistan, we were BluFor. Our team (AI) seemed to have no issue construction planes, but actual players could not. We captured an independent container, and trucked it back up to the airfield and constructed it directly on the airfield, by the control tower but to no avail. Any input would be appreciated. A suggestion: Could you add a squad interface that allow real players to join up? That would be really cool. This mission is very fun just like the battlefield ones. Thanks alot. Mike.
  7. I would pay for a well implemented Zombie DLC. Up to about $20.
  8. SpyderPB6

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Steam doesn't make adding mods difficult, updating is easier, I am all for steamworks integration. That would be wonderful.
  9. SpyderPB6

    ArmA3 Marketing

    I have an MBA and no Job. Shoot me a PM, BI. Lets market this.
  10. SpyderPB6

    Some fresh ideas for ArmA3 Warfare mode!

    I like alot of those points, mostly the first one, that sounds interesting.
  11. SpyderPB6

    ArmA3 scenario first look

    I think BI is on the right track here. So far all sounds good to me. CANT WAIT.
  12. SpyderPB6

    Community feedback - improvments for Arma3

    My two big things are better Animations, and getting rid of the horrible lag that we seen in multiplayer games with people skipping on the screen, or vehicles for that matter, preventing accurate shots.
  13. SpyderPB6

    Arma 3 Officially Announced!

    Yeah a battlefield 3 killer!! Wooo
  14. Respawning is interesting at first once you get it down, it is simple. Make sure automap is off (not green) scroll to a base owned by your team, or your main, zoom in and click on the base icon (inside the triangle for FOBs). Should respawn you.
  15. SpyderPB6

    WarFX : Blastcore

    My friend and I also have the overshooting 203 problem; which happens to occur without blastcore on for us as well. We do not use SLX. It seems to occur as of the latest A2/OA patch.
  16. Hi, Forgive my ignorance but what are compositions? Are they like premade scripts? Cheers.
  17. On #1, Ill check into the rooftops thing. On #2 There were no AI's in the vehicles at the times this happened. It may have to do with switching to a gunner seat once in position, then the vehicle kicks us out and respawns. On #4 Ill check that out more closely too. -- Ive also noticed, though this isn't a bug that if you have a launcher and die, any rounds fired from that launcher won't respawn with you. Thanks again.
  18. Alright so after spending something like 8-10 hours playing this with different parameters it is really a blast. I played it with three other people, we were on a team, AI on all sides at all times. Possible bugs I did notice: AI wont cap a base sometimes, while at the flag, and in the absence of enemy AI. This also effects human player, which also sometimes, for some reason, in the absence of an enemy player, can not cap a base. Vehicles randomly make us get out and randomly disappear shortly after. Respawn menu is tough to use, dragging the map on the menu is difficult because it autos back to your unit, or the one you are following, making it difficult to spawn. In addition clicking on a base to spawn is hit or miss, you really need to click all over to get it to work. Thats about it really fun so far, gonna try it with Zeus AI soon and SLX when released. Thanks, Mike.
  19. SpyderPB6

    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    Thanks, I'll keep an eye on them.
  20. SpyderPB6

    CLY PVP missions (beta)

    Yes. This would be special.
  21. SpyderPB6

    [PvP] GunGame --- Fast Paced TDM!

    Hey anyone got a server going where they play this with people??? I have a few friends and we like to do PVP but getting everyone together is tough it'd be nice if someone out there is running it, I've searched a couple times, no luck. List the server name and mods required/disallowed if there are any. Cheers.
  22. Great job on this mission, really really fun. I hope you continue to develop and improve this mission system. Really a blast, thanks for this.
  23. SpyderPB6

    Citylife 2 Released

    It is a really good idea though. I got to log on once and check it out, the map is wonderfully done, the addons (what I saw of them) look great. However wanting to just play with a few friends on there is a nightmare trying to get it going. Great idea, poorly implemented, at least thus far.
  24. These missions look great. Gonna test the one above shortly. Am having an issue on the first mission though in starting it, can not play or edit for it is dependent on caweapons_ammoboxes? Seems weird I usually get a similar message when I delete something from editing but have not recently. EDIT: I posted this on the wrong thread, my bad. The issue I am having is for the its my oil mission. ---------- Post added at 08:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:34 PM ---------- Dang, needed combined ops, duh. Sometimes my brain doesn't work how it should. Gonna test these both out. Thanks
  25. SpyderPB6

    WarFX : Blastcore

    TY for quick update! Merry Christmas.