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    I like your thinking Kieran :)
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    I mainly play wastelands, especially the fakstah editions where you have to capture the bases. If any dev's read this, at the moment it is a great game but I fear that bringing snipers into the mix will ruin it. All there will be is 40 + snipers all sitting in bases picking people off. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Played tonight on the same servers and didn't crash once. My 3770K is running at 59,58,57,59. GFX card running at 55 c so temp is Ok for me.
  4. Sabbath

    Crash When Rebinding Controls

  5. It seems to be random, last night I was freezing, pressing ctrl alt del to get out of the game and getting the message ARMA 3 has stopped responding, tonight though the game is freezing, just shutting itself down, or I am getting the red message saying no message received for 5, 10, 15, 20 seconds and having to escape out of the game. Edit Playing the DEV version
  6. Sabbath


    Not a big deal but in ARMA 2 if I wanted to choose my class I would drag my name over to AT Soldier, if I do it in ARMA 3 the game stops responding. Same as when I wanted to change Helicopter controls, I would drag the new control over, say for example "mouse up". Same thing though, the game stops responding. I have noticed though if I just click where the class of soldier is, my name moves over and it works OK. As I said not a big deal but just something I wanted to mention.
  7. Sabbath

    Not having much luck

    Finally got on a server and, wow, running everything at very high and ultra and the game looks and plays amazing. Didn't see anybody else so just drove around, then jumped in a boat and went for a sight see round the island. My favourite game has to be the original op-flash but looking at this game I can see I am going to have a new favourite game Great job BIS.
  8. I bought the game yesterday (thought I would leave it a month to get a few patches happening) and tried wastelands and am having the same problem as most people with not being able to move and the "stop trying to play this game yada, yada, yada". So last night I tried the editor, set a few enemy soldiers in town and spawned myself a few hills away, started the game and spawned inside of a see through rock and couldn't get out. So today I switched to the DEV game and tried online again but everytime I pick my class the game stops responding. I will try again later on because after seeing the you tube vids I can't wait to actually get to play the game.
  9. Sabbath

    Server list

    Thanks for the link docbrown, that explains it. I don't like having to keep refreshing the list though because my router firewall blocks around two thirds of the servers, as in it shows them with a red cross. If I give it 5 minutes though and click one of the servers with a red cross, the server will appear. So I have to do this everytime I refresh the server list with every server that shows up blank with a red cross. Anyway if I type domination in the server filter then I am OK.
  10. Sabbath

    Server list

    Just a quick question, I just patched OA to 1.6.2 and I have about half the servers that I normally get. I also just changed my Internet security to a free AV and started using windows firewall again. Does windows firewall block a lot of servers or am I just missing something. Thanks for reading.
  11. I had an ATI 4870 before buying a MSI GTX 560 ti twin frozr ll, It is great the performance boost it has given me but why do Nvidia bring out drivers that do not work. The 295.73 make gaming unplayable (micro stuttering), the 296.10 crashes my PC and sends the screen purple, and the new Beta 301.24 gives me around 6 frames per second. I have formatted my PC and gone back to the 285.62 drivers I don't think I will be buying another Nvidia card as the ATI drivers never gave me any problems.
  12. I have been away for a while and have started playing again, my problem is :- I have started the Harvest red campaign again but everytime I stop playing and then come back to it, there are no saved games I just end up at the start back on the ship. The auto save is working during the game but as I say I cannot see any place to load the saved games. When I click on harvest red it just says start. Any help would be appreciated. Also on another note, I only played the domination part of the game online, but I can't seem to find any servers that are not revive. Are all domination games now revive only ? Thanks for reading. Edit Just fired up harvest red, started back on the ship, played a few auto saves, and now the saves are there. Beats me why it hasn't been saving for a few weeks but it looks like it is OK now.
  13. Just one of those windows F*** ups mate, I just had the same problem with my Mum's. Got a phone call off my mum the other night saying her computer wouldn't boot and it is saying press ctrl alt del. Tried everything to get it working, in the end I just hooked her HDD up to my comp, got all the important stuff off then formated. My mum isn't a power user, just internet and e-mail so I didn't over clock her comp. So IMO Overclocking has nothing to do with it, Just windows. Most of the time your computer will just switch off if it gets too hot with overclocking. GFX overclocking, the game will shut down, and memory overclocking will give you BSOD.
  14. Sabbath

    blured text ingame

    Also in CCC enable adaptive AA.
  15. Sabbath

    still some server issues

    It's a pain in the arse m8 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=110266