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  1. Checked the repro missions and death camera is still stuttering but somebody already posted that in the ticket.
  2. Using #3b I don't have this problem. Simply clicking the mouse button results in suicide but holding the button to throw works properly.
  3. Xirow

    New beta 71900 is up!(OA)

    the beta patch fixed all the stuttering problems i had with oa and i get 55fps (5 more than before) for the oa benchmark and 59fps if i start the arma 2 benchmark. excellent!
  4. Same here except that i get around 50fps but there are micro-stutters all the time too... My specs are Windows 7 64Bit Core i7 920 ATi 5870 6GB DDR3 I disabled V-Sync with ATI Tray Tools but it doesn't make any difference
  5. Xirow

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    I've got the same problem since i reinstalled my pc and havn't found a solution until now...
  6. Xirow

    CAMP - Dogs Of War

    Hi! i'm stuck at the mission fade to black. i just can't destroy the tunguska. i've tried 2 bombs, handgrenades, grenadeslauncher and nothing happens?:( The other missions were great so far!