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  1. http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFormDir ...here you find some infos on how to set the direction a group/formation is facing...
  2. Thanks for your replys gents! @ Gnome: It seems to be a good idea to use Murklors editor spawning script for spawning and then have the AI controlled by UPSMON. @Rekrul: Your idea looks also very cool! This could work without any aditional scripts like Murklors..... Will give both options a try! Thanks again!!
  3. hey lightspeed, as you know I´m not a pro scripter, but if ya like, you could upload your mission and I would have a look. I´m trying also to work a lot with UPSMON, but there are still a few open questions! Maybe somebody could help me with my actual problem!? How to use the parameter "spawned"? Or better, how am I spawning these groups during the runtime of the mission? This, nul=[this,"town","spawned"] execVM "UPSscripts\upsmon.sqf"; ......has to be in the init line of the group, but how the hell am I calling the group on map? I´ve searched the forum for this and yep, I know that the "spawned"-parameter has been mentioned a few times, but I can´t find a proper solution. I know that there is a spawn-module which works with a template group, but this can´t be the only way..., right?
  4. *TEK*TONI

    co9_Castle Day

    hello lightspeed, nice to see that you finally uploaded an arma2 mission. :bounce3: tek´s will go for it on thursday evening!
  5. *TEK*TONI

    Mr Murray Editor Guide

    Mr Murray, first of all many thanks for your first editing guide! It´s been a big help and it still is!! Since I just stumbled over this thread and your post where you "asked" for wishes regarding topics in your anounced "update"-editing guide, there is something I have in mind. Proper working task-update in mp sessions on dedicated servers. Preferably with taking JIP/respawn into account. I know it´s a huge topic and that this one has been discussed many many times in this forum, but this is something I still haven´t been able to get work nice, smooth and reliable. Even without taking the just mentioned "wish" into consideration, I´m looking forward to your new editing guide anyway! All the best...
  6. Hello Acelondoner, I´m not a novice scripter and it´s hard to say anything without having a look in your missionfolder. Just an idea, if you used the last UPSMON-version with all the included and related script files, you will find an init.sqf. When you open this file you would possibly find a code: onMapSingleClick "player setpos _pos"; If so, you need to put two slashes right in front of the code. It would look like following: //onMapSingleClick "player setpos _pos"; Safe the file and try to play your mission again.
  7. hello bboy, I consider myself as scripting beginner, but it seems that you need quite a lot input about basic stuff. So if you like, check following links, there you will find a lot of useful informations and maybe an alternative solution for how to make your briefing. http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=6751 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=89257 http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=78089 Hope this is helpful...
  8. Yep, don´t like the method of breaking it up into multiple boxes aswell. That´s why I used to put all we need in an ATV, car or whatever vehicle. Would like to know aswell how to make player keep weapons after respawn. I know it´s possible by using the revive-script... I´m going to check on the Loadout Selector, thanks for having this one mentioned. :)
  9. Hello Kylania, thanks for your reply! You´re right, the scripts does work. Maybe I used a wrong title for my post. But still, using the scripts with cars or littlebirds, I´m not to able achieve the same result as I was before. Reason for more than 20 different rifles + ammo + charges + AT rockets is a 9man-unit (mp-sessions), so I´d like to give em the possibility to have a free choise and also to refill here and there, because of a huge amount of threat. Anyhow, thanks also for the hint related to the refresh-time, this could be a lil workaround. keep it up´
  10. Hello Gents, this script was so far a very nice "tool" to fill up all kind of objects with the needed equipment. Unfortunately this doesn´t work anymore with OA like it use to do in ArmaII. It´s working for crates, but not for vehicles. It seems that the vehicles in OA are extremly limited now with their load capacity. From a realistic point of view this makes sence, but it´s not a big help. Does anybody have a clue how to find a workaround for filling up vehicles with unlimited amount of objects, like it use to work for ArmaII? clearweaponcargo _this; clearmagazinecargo _this; _object = _this select 0; _object addweaponcargo ["M249_TWS_EP1",2]; _object addmagazinecargo ["200Rnd_556x45_M249",50]; is not doing the job anymore... I mean it works if I put only a few rifles and mags in a car/quad but not if I wanna put 20 or more. Any help would be extremly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  11. @ GALZOHAR thank you for the explanation! Indeed, I still need to understand how scripts work. Sometimes it would be nice to have somebody right next to you who is teaching/explaining things "on the fly", but as Mick Jagger said: "You can´t always get what you want." I guess kinda all of you guys went thrue this. I´m looking forward to MattXR´s example-mission. I´m hoping for a properly working framework which is allowing me to build in my missions. This might not be the very best way to learn, but it´s better than beeing stucked. On the other side, there are still manyy different topics/questions, so there is enough substance to go for... ;)
  12. Hola Senior MattXR how could I forget, it was very kind from you to help a foreigner out! But I must confess that I didn´t pay attention to your name, sorry for that! The next 2 days after we "spoke" I tried to addapt your given frame work, but I must have done something wrong. Except one thing, everything worked. But what didn´t work, was the debriefing. The tasks listed there, showed up multiplied by the respawn lives. Since you took your time to explain stuff to me the days before, I didn´t wanted to tax your patience. So I decided to ask here for some help. Since you´re going to send me this example mission, which is actually extremly kind by the way, this thread seems to find it´s end here. Special thanks to all of you Gentlemen!
  13. Ok gents. now I´m a bit confused. From what I understood, what SHK said, is the workaround of what MATTXR posted. So I don´t need to worry about what MattXR stated, because with the method of using if (!isnil "task1")........., JIP player logging in during a mission, are getting the correct value pV´ed again. Please tell me that I´m right. Am I? If what I´m saying is correct, SHK´s reply sounds in theory like a pretty good method of having JIP gamer, up to date with the needed task/missionstatus. SHK, you mentioned eventually additional conditions to take in account, but I can´t think of anything else. If the pV-value gets always synced when needed, it should work. I hope so much that this is going to be a proper solution. I´ll give it a try as soon as I can. Will post again after some testing! Thanks a lot guys for the kind support, honestly! ---------- Post added at 23:21 ---------- Previous post was at 23:00 ---------- Wow, wow, wow..... I discovered ST DUX´s post right after I replied mine! I was hoping that HSK´s method would have been right. ST DUX, thanks for posting/helping here! Your included link leads to a site, which I described a bit further above with MPF (multiplayer-framework). I read all of it, but I fell like not beeing able to use the stated infos. To chance gives scripts or values is one thing, but to create a higher-level-script is a different thing. At least for me its a higher-level. I would love to see a full example to see how it´s done for real. At least I know now what the missing part is.....to get it right.
  14. Sorry for not typing it out straight away.... No problem man, I know exactly what you´re talking about. Ok, so they are required. Also you say it doesn´t matter if I catch them and use them in triggers and scripts, but I still don´t know, how to really set my mission up, to make it work properly. Regarding the other thread, task states are set with pubvard´d variables. What/how exactly is pubvar making a pubvar? Is it defined (in my case) automatically by the briefing.sqf, since the "name" of my tasks (tskObj1) is one. Is a determination of a pubvar not necessary at all, but it´s helpful to point it out by stating it somewhere? Please see this questions in relation with the other thread. Double trigger method is pretty basic: Trigger 1 Condition: !alive officer (or whatever the task condition should be) onAct: tsk1 = true; publicvariable "tsk1" Trigger 2 Condition: tsk1 onAct: task1 settaskstate "succeeded" Since tsk1 is publicvariabled it will be synced for JIPs and will fire the 2nd trigger, which updates the status. Would this mission have somewhere (maybe init.sqf) stated "tsk1 = false;" or is this not necessary at all? Would this double trigger method be the way to make a mp-mission work properly on a decicated server? It´s not the case that I´m to lazy to try it out, but maybe you know that something additional needs to be done aswell.