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  1. Ahh should of guessed you/ST had modded it internally. Either way I still look forward to see what the MELB team introduce over the next week or so. For now I have had to deactivate the horizontal tracking on TIR.
  2. Squeeky

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    JRRS is the cause. There's a fix on the previous page.
  3. Great news on the work around the current grease marks. I myself have had issues with TIR, mainly around the horizontal side movement when aligning for a shot. I look forward to seeing the solutions you've come up with. I'm guessing it has something to do with the red dots in Dslyecxi's clips on the previous page :)
  4. Echoing the comments of those above, great additions and fixes. The addition of the passenger spaces on the AH is great and something I was thinking about the other day after it was mentioned in a book. Definitely the most fun heli's to fly and a must have since the first day you released the alpha. Look forward to the future updates and the introduction of the interchangeable load outs. Do you plan to have a public rollout map at all or just "as it comes"?
  5. The mod is great guys, enjoying it and the plans you have sound good. I noticed you were looking for more reference material so I thought I would post a link that may be of use if you're not already familiar with it https://instagram.com/160th_soar/
  6. The Masada currently goes under the name ACR (Adaptive Combat Rifle) as Magpul have given manufacturing rights to Bushmaster for production and future development of the Masada. They have made some changes to the original Masada design including relocating the charging handle. Oh and to have either version of the rifle in ArmA2 would be awesome :)
  7. Multicam! I would love to see the Multicam pattern in ArmA 2, specifically Crye precisions multicam with the built in kneepads/elbow pads in their combat line. It was first developed when the US military were looking for a new pattern but the US DOD ended up going with the digital pattern they currently use. Having said that it is rumoured that a number of both American and British SF units use it in both Afghanistan and Iraq ( http://www.onesixthwarriors.com/photo/data/516/multicam.jpg ) Also http://www.multicampattern.com/indexflash.html is a great page for information on the pattern.