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  1. rotkeps

    Users are falling down badly?

    I don't think there is much to be concerned about at this stage; it's alpha with very limited content. I know I have no plans to sink the hundreds of hours I put into the previous titles until the main island and more rounded collection vehicles is present, which will most likely be closer to release. But from what I've seen so far in the few hours I have played, It's amazing and I can't wait to get going on those hundreds of hours of playing ;)
  2. They certainly are, but I'd say the issue I've had with their drastically different performance hits is just a case of the level optimization present in the alpha, I'm looking forward to re-enabling them one day.
  3. Hey. Been playing with video settings for the last couple of hours looking at FPS in different areas and here are couple of my findings that some people looking to tweak may find useful: Prefacing this with my spec, which has a nice CPU but weak GPU setup. - i5 Quad @ 4GHz - 460 GTX 1GB VRAM Basic - I find 2:1 ratio on Overall:Object visibility provides the best performance to visual trade off. IE. If you have 2000 Overall, a 1000 Object. Rendering - If you're on an FPS budget but still want to combat jaggies then I'd try setting it to FXAA + 87% rendering resolution. It looks almost as good as SMAA + 100% rendering resolutions due to the sharpness filter included in the FXAA yet gives 1-5fps more depending on location. - Anisotropic filtering is essentially free, only maybe decreasing by 1-2fps on Ultra and gives a very nice image quality boost. At the very least I'd put this on High regardless of GPU. Quality - As usual texture quality has negligible impact on FPS, it's a case of available memory. Even with fairly poor CPU / GPU but with 4GB+ memory I'd keep this on at least High for a big boost to visuals at no FPS cost. - Object Quality I'd vouch for putting on High. Below High and you get a very noticeable reduction in image quality for not a huge increase in FPS. Going above high and you get a very minimal increase in image quality for a big decrease to FPS. - Terrain Quality is a very balanced option in relation to image quality and performance trade off. Going from standard down to low just makes it look pretty bad, however gives a pretty big hit to fps. I'm leaning towards taking the FPS his for standard but I guess if you could stomach it low would give you a very nice FPS jump. - Shadows are rendered on the CPU on the Low setting and GPU on Standard and above. Therefore if you're on an FPS budget your choice should be between Standard and Disabled. Hope it helps.
  4. Yay, been looking forward to this for a long time! can't wait to hit the Warfare servers :)
  5. Have this to, Windows 7 using Retail. Battle Eye is not working at all since patching - Have tried reinstalling it etc to no avail.
  6. rotkeps

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Can't wait to go deafen myself + scare the neighbours!
  7. rotkeps

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    No worries, not as if 0.9 is so terrible :D
  8. rotkeps

    [Patch 1.05 Bug] AI won't follow player

    Seen this happen for sure, but not in a reproduce-able way. Have you noticed that it extends to move orders as well? Seemed to me like in combat mode every so often my squad would just switch off.
  9. rotkeps

    What GFX card for ARMA II?

    If it were any other game I would say you could expect atleast 20fps more, but this isn't exactly the smoothest running on the market and is notoriously CPU hungry, what is the rest of your system like?
  10. rotkeps

    Suppressive Fire, any luck?

    Still not got anything suppressive fire related to work, I'm just going to roll with it still being broken. Trying to concoct some bizarre scenario that would simply never occur just doesn't seem like a valuable endeavour. Nothing gained nothing lost though, better luck in 1.06 I suppose.
  11. rotkeps

    Suppressive Fire, any luck?

    How are you using your suppressive fire command may I ask? even if ordered to suppress a random position they fire?
  12. rotkeps

    Patch 1.05 Satisfaction Survey

    Having issues getting suppressive fire command to do anything / having the AI completely bug out on me rendering them way to unreliable to play the game with: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=92248
  13. Seemed to good to be true when seen in the patch notes so it was the first thing I jumped in on to test, not having any joy with it so far. Maybe I'm just not understanding its actual usage here, but ordering my men to use suppressive fire is resulting in the same inaction as in previous version. I tried: - Ordering them to suppress anything, a house / empty car / open ground - nothing. - I made a mission with an enemy soldier in my line of sight but way out of the light of sight of a squad mate... ordering him to suppress the known enemy location, he does nothing. - Same mission this time with the enemy soldier in line of sight but far away - knowing the presence the AI wouldn't shoot anyway, using suppression.. still nothing. - Dead enemy targets in line of sight also gets nothing. So am I missing something glaringly obvious here? If its a case of only being able to be used upon living enemy targets that are also in line of sight, then they are being shot at anyway so why is suppression required? or am I simply bugged in some way and this is working in the above scenarios for everyone else? Thanks. ---------- Post added at 06:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:36 PM ---------- Right I am picking up on pretty big problems here which I would like for someone else to confirm / deny. The AI soldiers seem to be having two very major issues, the 2nd might be related to the first: 1) Their aiming speed is painfully slow, talking here of the AI having to aim a few degrees either direction to have the shot and taking a very long time to do so, that mixed with a slight delayed reaction on firing is seem quite bad. Even on the highest skill setting this behaviour prevails. 2) When grouped on me, seem to prioritize remaining in formation / movement over killing enemy targets regardless of combat mode ... this means that during the agonizingly slow aiming most of the time they give up altogether to move 2 steps to the side then repeat the process, leaving them entirely unreliable. As a further update: - This isn't effecting all soldier classes, those using rifles seem mostly unaffected by the turn speed but still seem quite fidgity leading to (2) still being an issue - Those using heavier weapons, in particular machinegunners, are useless, something definitly wrong here - rifleman instantly react, aim and shoot at the known enemy, machinegunners take around 5-10 seconds just to react, let alone start to aim, when they do start to aim it is subject to (1). - Snipers also seem somewhat subject to this, I noticed that when spotted the snipers would stop, instantly react and shoot. Yay? If they miss they start acting exactly as machinegunners, they now start moving around alot not firing and when they do they show very poor reaction time and aiming speed.
  14. rotkeps

    [GUIDE] AI Squad Command

    Been a while since I logged on the forums / played ArmA2, how relevant is this guide to the current patch? any help would be appreciated to updating it.