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  1. Rogue_Trooper

    co32 Prototype ZONES V0.11 BETA

    will you be making a BAF version of this?
  2. Hi just a quick update Weve now changed our Server to a A.C.E for OA server and are welcoming new recruits or caual players of all types. Also we have had to update our TS3 to a bigger size due to membership TS3 info below if your on the server your welcome to join. Address: Port :10017 No Pass
  3. New website & Forum up and running please note for those who joined our old forum will need to join our new one. links below and please note our main site is still a work in progress. http://www.isaf.org.uk - Main site http://www.isaf.org.uk/forum - New forum
  4. Rogue_Trooper


    Are you goign to be making this useable on Operation Arrowhead?
  5. I've had this idea for while and it comes down to this. Basically every clan wether it's a COOP/Realism/PVP/TvT Clan all use the BIS forum and post adverts in this section. How ever clans dont talk to each other in here directly which we should do so i have came up witha simple form much like the clan listing form that will allow clans to see some info about other clans and to setup COOP missions or TVT or even campaigns. Ie style of play/times they play/website or contact info/msn/steam/xfire info etc. That way small or big clans can see if there other clans out there that they can talk to and play with and interact with. As the old saying goes "It's good to talk. However please do not use this as a area flame or whine about toher clans, its to simply exchange info and ideas with one others clan. I would also suggest if you know of a clan but there not in the clan list here. I dont think it would hurt to let others know about them via this post as were a big community and well the more the merrier. Form Example please feel free to copy and paste for Quickness: Clan Name: Clan Leader: Clan timezone: Commmunications: Ventrilo/TS3/Mumble/Mohawk inc IP/port/pass if any Contact info: Insert email or website addy Type of Game clan plays: Ie TVT or Small or large scale coop Your server name for MP filter: How many people your server can hold: What addons you allow: None/sound etc What Nights/Time you prefer to play: Basic Rules of your server: Brief description of the clan and what there looking for in playing with other clans:
  6. International Security Assault Force In service of peace and freedom Who Are we: Were a group of Ex millitary and Dedicated Gamers looking to bring realism and expierence to the A2(OA) community as well as being fun and bringing multi nationalal unit gaming to Arma. What were looking for: Easy were looking for people who want to play as a team and are mature enough to understand the need for organised play, also we like a laugh so a sense of humour is required as were renowned practiclal jokers. What we expect: Teamplay and input from our members Player type: At the moment were recruiting the following Infantrymen/Special forces/Mechanised/Air crews/Mission makers/Mod Makers and Admins for our site/Vent and Game Server: We currently run a 20 slot OA server based in the UK with a very good ping all round. Communications: We use TS3 info as follow IP: ts3.alpha-networks.co.uk Port: 10017 you can get this info via our game server as well(check the map)/forum and or msn. Our site is at: I.S.A.F In the multiplayer lobby set your filter to I.S.A.F and you will find us Training: We have 3 stages of training: stage 1: Basic training or how not to shoot yourelf in the foot (This is only two weeks and takes you to private) Stage 2(advanced): This is taught by ex members of the UK armed forces and long time gamers (This is held over 3 weeks and takes you to private first class) Stage 3: This is section Training each section has specific training that we look foward to importing to our members. (This is continual and can include anything from formations, role specific training & war games as its always fun to shoot the HQ lol) Ranks: Yes we have ranks and ther based on the British millitary as its a nice easy structure for all players from casuall to Pro players to follow. Also a good understanding of English typed and spoken will be required as this makes it generally easier for all concerned. We have 2 mission nights per week which are locked sessions for members and 1 public open mission night which is a re-run of our locked sessions to let potential new members see what and who we are. do we run Domi yes we do but not all the time and it is edited to our style of game play. We run other maps some community made some made by our in house team so we aim at covering the whole nine yards catering to everyones taste. Will you be using the BAF DLC(silly question of course we will) Please feel free to Pm me or email us a isaf@btconnect.com
  7. Rogue_Trooper

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Hey Eric there giving GI's special "dont shoot here tags" and special"oh shit i shot a friendly" glasses and the new T-shirt on the range "US - 1 Rest of world - Target painted on chest "
  8. Rogue_Trooper

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    @Maruk be aware many of us are genuinly excited and cant wait to get our virtual paws on this, your always going to get the nay-sayers. Theres an easy solutuion to this, get some cotton wool stick it in your ears and go la-la-la-la for a month till its released, then we shall say what is sayed by the nay-sayers. As member of this community and a user for many years i am very dissapointed in the general behaviour and atitude of so called mature players. Maruks team has brought us a new toy to play with so before bashing it/whining about price and make really hysterical rants why dont you do the following: 1: chill the hell out 2: buy it 3: play it 4: pass comment 5: sit back and wait for more to come 6: STOP acting like a bunch of 12 years having a fight over whos mom makes he best apple pie sheesh guys this is embarrasing to watch. 7: No one is forcing you to buy it, the choice is urs. also on a final note The CEO of the company comes on our community site to talk and discuss your problems ergo becoming part of the community. Now look at games like Silent Hunter 5 what support have they where is it going(down the train new patches in the future or support) in a sense as a community were lucky to have people who will get involved, who will tell you the truth even when you dont want to hear it. So guys Cut Maruk and his lads some slack grow up be patient and enjoy yet another addition to our fun and remember people it i supposed to be fun.
  9. Rogue_Trooper

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Well i suggest all the nay sayers get this item USB MUG instead of the DLC
  10. Rogue_Trooper

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    Exactly Pathy effectivly the community as a whole gets the best of both worlds so no one looses.
  11. Rogue_Trooper

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    The simple thing is theres so much bitching going on about the DLC why bitch about it when: A: its not out yet B: you havent tried it C: £8 is about average for DLC So i would suggest whine after you have played it and tested it then(if) you have a valid reason prior to that it just sounds like a bunch of kids whining.
  12. Ok i know this may seem like a silly question but i cant not for the life of me get rumble to work on either my 360 controller for windows or My saitek contoller Both work as they have been tested on other games but refuse to rumble in Operation Head any ideas?
  13. Rogue_Trooper

    co30 DominationA2! One Team

    @Xeno good to see your still kicking, out some excellent work mate power to ya mate.
  14. Rogue_Trooper

    Hells Recon

    Hells recon are part if a larger multi gaming community who re looking for mature players to join our Arma 2 Clan. Were brand new looking for mature players who like a laugh and team work. We run ACE 2 on our server. We also use Ventrillo and have our own site at: http://www.unseenuniversityclan.com so if you think you have something to bring to the party we want to hear it our server is 32 slots open to he public apart from clan nights which is a friday at 21:00 UK time. Server ip: Port: 2302 PM me fro Vent info