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  1. phobia

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    It will take some of you guys a little while to realize that BIS is not the same company they were. They no longer treat their customers with respect. Now they act like the big named hated developers such as EA.
  2. phobia

    Server side help

    Thanks Franze Now say all me and my buddies are on the same team. Then it does not matter about them both having the same settings correct? Another words If all of use were on the Marines and the enemy is SLA all are AI. Will I need to make both have the same settings?
  3. That is a really neat idea there. I like that it is all invisible light. Nothing shinning near the web cam in your face. Cool as hell setup.
  4. Nice build Bush. I am running a 3 point clip(LED's) right now, powered with batteries. I would not attempt a reflective version ;)
  5. Opps misread what was wrote. My bad :) Back on topic. I do hold Free Track developers at fault. They should have got with BI during the creation of Arma 2 to make sure support would of been implemented. But we the fans of both BI and Free Track can't make that happen. So we are relying on BI to hopefully help us out. We do make up a nice bit of a fan base. Free Track has around 2,500 members. So that is roughly around 125,000$ if every user bought Arma 2. Granted that is most likely not going to happen but it goes to show you we do make up a nice bit of dough. ---------- Post added at 05:49 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:48 PM ---------- This thread has remained pretty darn civil. I am surprised and happy. I like being able to communicate with others and it not go down a unneeded path. That link is pretty example of what I was refering to on how people are just trying to make their equipment work. They are not necessarily going about it the right way. But they are not also doing anything terribly wrong if everything they paid for. Because they are not "stealing" anything.
  6. I know the reason it did and does not now. But what I am saying is that BI has a nice size fan base that uses Free Track so thus implementing support for it would benefit their fans as well as their company because those people will further support them because of it.
  7. Well my issue is that Free Track worked in Arma 1.
  8. As much as it pains me to say it, I agree :j:
  9. I think that is my biggest beef. If I want to use my Free Track. I have to tamper with my legit copy of Arma 2 to get it to work. Granted I have not bought Arma2 because of this problem and won't until it is fixed. But my thing is people that are trying to get their Free Track to work are being looked at as "Bad" or on the same level as piracy because they are trying to get their head tracking to work. If I PAID for the game. I PAID for my Head Tracking unit (Cost to build) and then the game does not work for it. But there is a option out there to get it to work. I find NOTHING wrong with it. The point is these people should be made to feel bad because they are trying to get their equipment to work. The correct route is just to get it supported and these kind of posts go away.
  10. phobia

    Server side help

    Hey guys got a question for you all. I got some buddies that are getting Arma Gold and we are going to do some Co-op. My question is, how do I host a multiplayer game and have the "Profile edits" such as Enemy AI accuracy and lack of cross hairs? Also to have mods setup, do I have to make a @Server folder? It won't be a dedicated server. I will just be hosting the game as i play with them. I am unsure how this side of it works. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I agree on that point. I think the game should work and there are things more pressing I am sure. But while some of you enjoy the game and are waiting on those fixes. Some of us won't play the game unless we can use head tracking. I know I want to experience the game to its full potential. I think support of Free Track would not take that long to implement. I could be wrong but just judging how some users are making it work with Arma2 and they are not developers. Plus the time thing I don't understand. A developer is not made up on 2 or 3 people. You have a team of MANY MANY people. So assigning 1 person to this task would not be that detrimental to the progress made on other aspects of the the game. But that is just my opinion.
  12. The amount of threads that have been created with this concern and just the amount of users who have signed up here just to voice their concern of wanting Free Track supported should clearly show BI that this is a issue that needs fixing.
  13. phobia

    Mod installing help

    Thanks for the help man
  14. phobia

    Mod installing help

    Really so the addon on folder goes INSIDE the @ folders??? I thought for sure it was Option 1, that must be why its not working.
  15. Hey guys Well I am in the process of installing some mods or attempting I should say lol. I did the profile adjustments for the enemy AI and lack of cross hairs and that stuff. But I am slightly confused about the folder stuff. Let me know which option is the correct way of arranging my files. Options #1 /programfiles/arma/addons/@general/mods in here /programfiles/arma/addons/@replacements/mods in here Option #2 /Programfiles/arma/@general/addons/mods here /programfiles/arma/@replacements/addons/mods here Options #3 /programfiles/arma/@general/mods here /programfiles/arma/@replacements/mods here Option #4 Neither I am still wrong :) Also you right click on your shortcut icon and change the target location with -mods@general;@replacements correct?? Thanks for the help ahead of time men.