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  1. I get an error message when I try to join domination servers with Apache added. You cannot join this server as ca.apache something or other has been deleted
  2. interox

    Hyperthreading Enabled or Disabled?

    I have it on. No probs as long as I run a fresh boot before playing.
  3. While flying lead cobra in a pair with AI manning the 2nd the AI tend to lag behing then catch up, gain altitude then lag again and repeat. If you can imagine a heart monitor trace on a screen with the flat line then spike peak then flatline you get the idea. Other than that I'm really enjoying taking AI controlled vehicles with me now. Excellent stuff Devs.
  4. interox

    Grass, is it there or isn't it?

    Any Devs care to put this one to bed?
  5. A couple of quick and simple questions. When I join a server and the grass detail is off by default is it also off for the AI or do they always treat the enviroment as fully grassed regardless of the server settings?
  6. Running latest beta patch and latest beta nvidia driver my performance is through the roof. Good work BIS. No command switches or any bios settings disabled.
  7. minor changes too server browser added too [filter option icons?]
  8. When playing domination ai freshly spawned in base after losses in combat default to danger
  9. interox

    Child soldier [Feature request to BIS]

    Wow a game where you can shoot kids dressed as soldiers. Shocking case of bad taste there fella. You might want to think about it when you get a quiet moment to yourself.
  10. interox

    Modern Warfare 2

    Fantastic review of the game. Sums it up perfectly. Post of the week for me, well done sir.
  11. A10 camo skins, F16 addon.
  12. interox

    Suggestion: Give up on developing games.

    I hear the jangle of keys and padlocks.
  13. interox

    I7 + Nvidia GTX 2xx = crash

    Ignore the pseudo forum police Raggz its a well documented issue on here. Lots of people with 295+i7 spend a lot of time seeing arma2.exe has stopped responding.