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  1. It would be so nice if BIS looked at this mod and learned from it and then inserted an artificial commander as stock into ARMA 4 , bringing to bear some serious resources to make it even more perfect. I love playing alone. This AI mod is much better than online play with humans.
  2. https://youtu.be/UQwLbUwWMlU I'm trying out using it with the LAMBS functions...I'm not sure if it's working or not.
  3. Should you double link units, both as squads and through their type module as well? Or is just the type module enough?l A good sample of the tactics this mod offers. The objective was Pulkovo and the fireteam I was in was sent to the south of hte town to guard the flank of the main thrust of the army, but the US Army, instead of going for Pulkovo did a powerful flanking movement to the north to hit us in the rear accompanied by relentless artillery strikes. We were sent to wheel around and hit the flank of the American thrust but we were butchered in the forest. This never fails to make me laugh. What a great game.
  4. Hetman Artificial Leader --> NR6 never fails to give a lot of pleasure. Winter maps are particularly good to fight in I find. I was fighting this armored battle in E. Chernarus and the tank I was driver in got knocked out. The entire crew bailed and got orders to retreat to the rear. Pretty boring eh? But not really. Turns out there was a tank waiting in reserve up a back road and our crew and another knocked out crew was ordered on board for another ride into battle as infantry. Such a surprise and so cool to see Arma 3 evolve to this level of reasonable AI. And I don't know whether it's the Arma 3 upgraded AI or NR6 but convoys are flawless. No more monkeying around with bad pathfinding. 4 transport trucks each one packed with a full squad all racing together in tight unison up and down hills on a winding dirt road through a pitch dark winter night with their headlights on at top speed, all flawless, without a hitch like it was meant to be. This is truly the best way to play Arma 3; no more online nonsense with wannabe Rambos, no more schoolyard recess style chaos. Just a good solid experience with every unit in the game under tight military discipline under a rational commander in the midst of absolute carnage. I know you must be busy Ninja, but trust me on this everyone that plays this derivation of Arma 3 loves it and appreciates the excellent work you've done on top of Hetman's original creation.
  5. I've downloaded the three missions available and they're interesting to look at in the editor but incomprehensible without explanations. If someone could just capture their entire screen during an involved and comprehensive set up using all the nodes available now, explaining what they're doing and then post it to You Tube that would be much appreciated by all and it would do a lot towards expanding the user base of this mod which in my opinion is the best way to play Arma. It consistently gives me the most exciting and surprising scenarios. Thanks.
  6. If we can't have a PDF manual on this could we at least have someone do an extensive video tutorial on how to use these tools? Hetman has consistently given me the most incredible experiences with Arma 3. I'm just dying to use all these new tools for it but even with the samples I've downloaded it's an incomprehensible system. Please someone record yourselves setting up a battle with it and post it to you tube. Hetman + Red Hammer Studios is out of this world with the tension and surprises it delivers.
  7. Any hope of a manual on how to set this up? I love HAL and it'd be unreal to get this updated version of it going. I've got it installed but simply don't have the know how to set up battles with it. Anyone?
  8. Yes, thanks for all the good times you've given us in Arma2 and 3 and creating the engine that will give us even more good times to come. Looking forward to even more amazing military operations in NR6.
  9. I just discovered this update of Hetman Artificial Leader and am I ever excited by it. The Steam download and installation was seamless. All I need now is to somehow learn all this new stuff. The manual and YT tutorials are much needed. But thanks for all the work. This is incredible. I love it.
  10. OK thanks a lot NR600 and uzabit. Much appreciated.
  11. I really want to play this; I love Hetman Artificial Leader, especially with artillery. What a bag of amazing tricks it deleivers! I've downloaded it but there's no PBO nor any addons file to use to plug it in as a mod. I've been away for 3 years now and I can install all the other mods including HAL but not this one for some reason. Help please.
  12. It's been over 2 years since I could play Arma 3 and I really missed it. In particular I missed my favorite variant of this game and that's HAC. It's right there in one of the variant single player games. You might not have noticed but with even its flaws Arma 3 works a lot better now. Having a brand new AMD 2950X threadripper doesn't hurt either. But the scope of the battles is awe inspiring. The tactics by the artificial commanders are fascinating. Two armies pushing on a town one from the north the other from the south, and the Southern army loops around for a big flank attack from the west, the Northern army from the East. Both forces are badly punished by heavy artillery that now responds in a very reasonable, effective and frightening manner. The tattered remnants of my squad finally gets into the artillery shattered town in the early morning sun to find the streets heavily littered with dead enemy bodies after fierce street to street firefights. This is amazing stuff. The little gun my avatar carries never gets shot. He never sees an enemy to shoot at. But he's a witness to thunderous violence in a vast heroic landscap. Thank you for HAC. I love it.
  13. I've run 2 quad core Xeons now for 7 years and it's frustrating that this game doesn't utilize more cores. I'd like a core allotted to each AI..enemy AI and one for friendly AI, like the headless server thing. And 64 bit. I do believe it's still 32 bit right? It's about AI and everyone by now should have enough cores to support this kind of thing to improve performance. Frankly the graphics are beautiful, more than good enough especially if you're running a good GPU card. There's plenty of content, lots of mods. What is needed is an engine that is AI focused so that more realistic behavior can be modeled. Realistic motorcades for example. As someone said above more realistic enemy unit behavior. Supressive fire that sort of works. Artificial Commander Mod should be purchased by BI and worked on comprehensively to upgrade it so that it's an expert enemy commander. I'm an old SPI wargamer and I want learning experiences, not run and gun Call of Duty dog crap. I want strategy and tactics that will inform me about the geopolitical implications of new weapons systems.
  14. cadmium77

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Lots of little islands, lots of jungle, lots of mountains. Brilliant choices considering how bad Arma vehicles are at pathfinding and how often they get stuck or even wrecked colliding with even simple obstacles like buildings. So it'll be for special forces landing on zodiacs and helicopter missions and no big theaters for armor battles. :( And even infantry will be driven to short range firefights instead of ranges of 300yards and more. The antithesis of everything we're observing from videos from the middle east and the Ukraine conflicts. And so this will militate against organized units using tactics and will tend to make all encounters devolve into Counter Strike style macho run and gun idiocy. how wonderful
  15. This is the coolest stuff I've seen in a game in a long time. The vehicle physics are really complex and immersive. You feel like you're wallowing in the mud. In particular go to the river fording sequence at 9:14 to see the excellent water physics in game real time. http://store.steampowered.com/app/263280/ Test it out in this free demo; http://www.spintires.com/#!/demo