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  1. archsceptic.

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Fantastic work on the rifle and jeep, as always men. The hand weapons are showing their age a bit now, I think I'm right in saying the models go back to ofp times - so they have had a good long life. I hope these models equally have a long and much enjoyed life by the community - maybe another 10 years :cool: I still hope we get to see your M10 tank destroyer at some stage Marcel, really looking forward to that!!!
  2. archsceptic.


    Well, I've been using this nice addon for some time now - but once you unpack the RAR's you should have a folder called "@sum_rep_1.0" which enables you to use the addon in the mod folder tradition. I personally like to use Alpinestars excellent AmA 2 launcher to manage my addons and mod folders. You can enable or disable a mod when launching the game with a tick of a box, instead of having to manually alter your shortcut parameters. I highly recommend it; http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6649
  3. I've found that the Cromwell and T-34 refuse or are unable to fire their main weapons. Usually I've found that using a combination of "OdenBIS Config Addon" and "ASR AI" mods, the ai gunners usually select the correct fire mode - not with these unfortunately. They also aim their mg's much lower than the target at which they are aiming... Also I'm getting "Cannot open object csa38ii_tracked\t_optic\optika_lt34_gunner3.p3d" :confused: But they do look great in-game!
  4. Thank you very much for these Petr, I've been looking forward to these, especially the Cromwell's. :cool: It would be nice if I44 adopted the Cromwell's - as the modelling is very much next generation standard, and have a lot of potential life to them. I hope they get fully utilized... :bounce3:
  5. archsceptic.

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    I suppose you could now add STEAM as a system requirement...
  6. archsceptic.

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Do you think we're on the slippery slope to pay per play, even if you only want to spend 5 minutes in the editor?
  7. archsceptic.

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    The last time I had STEAM installed, it persisted in being ever-present in my registry and bombarding me with special offers and adverts - that's similar to a virus is it not? Maybe I'm wrong...
  8. archsceptic.

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Enad, I'm a strictly off-line gamer - I see you are not. Unless STEAM has changed a lot since I last had it installed, if you are an off-line gamer it behaves indistinguishably from a VIRUS.
  9. archsceptic.

    ArmA 3 on Steamworks?

    Absolute STEAMing pile of shite. So we have to voluntarily have a virus on our pc's to own and run the game. Not much point of buying a physical copy of the game is there? Similar to ClOD, a physical copy was just smoke and mirrors.
  10. Now the next patch for ClOD is truly an eternal "two weeks". :D
  11. archsceptic.

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Okely Dokely, I was trying to get a bit closer to something this: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205188966 Once tanks had been in the 'field' for a bit, especially in dry, dusty places like Normandy 44 and Italy as the pic above - they did tend to look a bit colorless and washed out. With the allied armor looking like something between Olive-drab and grey...
  12. archsceptic.

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Done. Regarding the Churchill it's always bothered me how dark it looks in-game, and the shade of green looks a bit odd - no offense to the original creator, they've done a great job - but I've taken the liberty of tweaking the textures for it in Photoshop, shadow/highlight, saturation and whatnot. Would you be interested in me sending the texture to you with a view to replacing the original if you see fit? I think the below matches the Sherman's a lot better and doesn't look as odd when used together.
  13. archsceptic.

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Hi Pac, the bit about saving mission before preview seems to have done the trick with the effects, they're working now - I seem to have missed that trick! But something else I've just noticed in the editor - if you set up a Churchill side-on and aim at it any lower than halfway down the hull, down to the wheels, shells seem to pass straight through the model and hit the ground beyond!
  14. archsceptic.

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    I'm not personally using beta patches, but the new tank effects still seem to be missing on the Churchill and Cromwell. :confused:
  15. archsceptic.

    Invasion 1944 v2.6 (CO)

    Fantastic! Really glad to see you've fixed the cannon recoil, it's one of those features you take for granted, but really adds to the immersion. :bounce3: