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  1. So I will try to explain what is going on as best I can... We uploaded a custom map to a newly purchased dedicated server and when we connected to the server there was the list of maps available for play. However, only the stock maps seem to work. Now we know that the map works, because we can host it on our own computers or on a temp dedicated set up by a friend. But it does not work on the new dedicated server, as soon as you click the map to go forward, it goes back to the mission select screen. Does anyone know the source of the issue, or have any idea on where to start? ---------- Post added at 07:48 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:33 PM ---------- Nevermind, a friend figured it out. It was a FTP uploading error somehow, or something. But maybe this might help some other people.
  2. juvenile

    Zombie Mission

    I would love to see the OFP and ArmA zombie maps back. If I remember correctly, it was several missions on Nogova, what an awesome place.
  3. I agree, we had the same problem on our server.
  4. juvenile

    Please end evo and dom

    I am partial to DB's maps too, hey Funko!:cool: [AWOL]DeathBringer is still around... but stuck on WoW.:rolleyes: - [AWOL]DesertRecon (aka [soF]DesertRecon)