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  1. Armoredfury193

    Custom armor?

    As long as faction - specific camoflauge and armor isn't available to players of a different faction, I'm fine with it.
  2. Armoredfury193


    Have you tested it or is there a link so that i may test it?
  3. Armoredfury193


    Of course! :) I am more than capable of making missions myself, I just wanted the units to be available in MP with a serverkey and everything.
  4. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Too many demands trying to be met equals a bad game. For once I'm happy that BIS is trying to release something stable instead of making every possible customer happy.
  5. Armoredfury193


    Well once the mod is MP compatible, I can guarantee you that plenty of missions will start being made - SP, COOP, and MP. People take much more interest in an addon that they can play in every one of these modes. I didn't realize making an addon that is just units and vehicles MP compatible was so hard :( Hopefully you can make this possible eventually!
  6. Armoredfury193


    I'm dying for an MP playable version of this mod to come out. :) Any vague idea of when that will probably happen so I can sleep at night?
  7. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Agreed. I have high hopes that BIS will deliver!
  8. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Remember - and this is supported by the very words from a BIS developer's mouth - they are not removing anything from their previous games (gameplay dynamics / features wise), only adding things. If you're one of the people who is sore about the (near) futuristic setting of the game, I can't say anything other than what has already been said. ArmA, regardless of which game in the series you're talking about, has always been a foundation upon which the community builds. And I'm glad that from what I'm hearing so far, this will probably be the most stable and reliable "platform" than any of the other ArmA games were when they first came out. I don't care about the setting.
  9. Armoredfury193

    The island - living or abandoned?

    The ambient civilian and civilian vehicles module should be more easily manipulated...for instance, easily setting a maximum and minimum capacity for AI civilians spawned on the island. Edit: I know this can be done in ArmA2 atm, but not quite as simply as an adjustable bar or simple field where you could type in the values.
  10. Armoredfury193

    Render to texture - what are the possibilities?

    With the muffins and pie in the equation now, this is something BIS would be crazy not to consider.
  11. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    I think the bottom line has always been obvious, and the nature of this thread just obscures that: People are always going to hate on ArmA3 because of what it DOESN'T/WON'T have when it first comes out, much like ArmA2. But if you ask these people to give an example of a game that brought more to the table upon its release (no mods included, just the stock game), they will choke on their words.
  12. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Again you are wrong - there is nothing to indicate that ArmA3 will be a "run and gun" game. The only thing remotely close to indicating something like that is when they said you'd have the option to do lone wolf or commander style missions or playing style in the campaign. Neither OFP nor ArmA2 were the pinnacle of realism when they came out, but with mods they are great games. What makes you think that ArmA3 with realism mods is going to be any worse? You say the forums are good for posting opinions, and my opinion is that you fail. Hard. Because you are assuming way to much about a game that hasn't even been released, and you aren't even taking into consideration mods.
  13. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    A lot of assumptions being made here... You should know that, given enough time, ArmA3 will be modded just as much as any of the other previous games. So maybe 3 or 4 years down the road (when you'll need a new computer anyway unless you're stuck in the past playing ArmA2 with the measly 100 or so people who will still be playing online) you'll consider upgrading your PC and buying ArmA3. Never say never.
  14. Armoredfury193

    Will you buy ARMAIII?

    Why....just why....waste a thread on asking this. Knowing what I know about the game now, I do plan to buy it.