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  1. Amazing mission!!! I loved the scripts!!! Congratulations! My reference mission number one!
  2. But my problem is asking to all players to do this, no way... not practical. I need to remove at least the bandage e epinefrine from players/bots in start mission. I've already tried clean the inventory, but Ace insists on re-inserting the medical items. =( FYI Gunter, 99% of my questions I find in the forum using the tool search of Forum and Google, ok?. In this specific issue I found nothing useful, sorry. Thanks man.
  3. Hi Masters, How to disable Ace 3 Medical System? I want to use others features without ace medical system, I prefer farook's system.... Best Regards. D3lta.
  4. very very thx harmdhast, I will try it! But It's disappointing the script ecosystem from bohemia don't give a easy way to do this, such a simple thing, . Best regards.
  5. That's Right! But my issue is about the vanilla system, not ace 3 cargo... =( I want to limit the system inventory of vehicle to hold only a specific number (or mass) of itens.... Thanx!
  6. Very Thanks M1ke_SK, but I'm spawning a O_MRAP_02_F and nothing happen's, the inventory space continue's the same. why? _tempveic = "O_MRAP_02_F" createVehicle _position; _tempveic setVariable ["ace_cargo_space", 1, true]; Using in object Initialization, nothing happen's too... why? this setVariable ["ace_cargo_space", 1, true]; Best Regards!
  7. Hi Masters, I need to limit the vehicle cargo space (vanilla inventory itens) , but I don't want to make a mod or use "alien" mod, how I do this? It is possible using script only? Exceptionally, Can I do this with ACE3 easily? Best regards D3lta
  8. Hi masters, How I create hidden MCC zones on the map?? Here, hiting M, the players are seeing the zones on the map. best regards
  9. Awesome! Fantastic!! I Love!! Thanks Thanks !!!
  10. d3lta

    laser marked target marker

    A little example api_MarcarLaserDesignator = { _param = _this; _uav = _param select 0; _position = position _uav; _xt = nearestobjects [position player,["LaserTarget"],6000]; if (! ( name_makergloball=="")) then { deleteMarker name_makergloball; }; { _position = _x; name_makergloball = format["laserpoint_%1", _position]; _marker = createmarker[name_makergloball, _position]; _marker setmarkeralpha 1; _marker setmarkershape "ICON"; _marker setmarkercolor "ColorRed"; _marker setmarkertype "selector_selectedEnemy"; _marker setMarkerText ""; } foreach _xt; };
  11. HI masters, How I remove or change my briefing texts? I'm using MCCv7. Best regards
  12. d3lta

    Revive Script?

    try csemod.com, not script, but good
  13. http://forums.csemod.com/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=194 Same problem here! =(
  14. Hi GlowBal, beautiful mod! How I can to put a time to death? Best regards!!