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  1. Hmm for some reason that did not do the trick not quite sure why but the vehicle carnage still remains
  2. for some reason all of those scripts wont work ive tried them already i just need someone to post what they have used and got working
  3. I am not using any triggers except for the radio and once i click on alpha its supposed to let me click on the map where i want to drop these soldiers but i dont know the exact scripting for it and what to do, I was thinking about creating 2 planes and have them both dissapear but i am not sure where to begin ive seen other posts but no help
  4. Thank you Jan ill try it out and let you know how it goes
  5. Is there anyway you can expand apon that? so would this sound about right _veh = car1 _veh thiscreateeventhandler if destroyed go to Deletevehicle _veh
  6. I am working on a mission where you are at base and you can request units and they will spawn in front of the player but once the vehicle is destroyed i want it to dissapear after 20 seconds, i need to know what to put in the .Sqs file to allow that
  7. Perrinmajor

    STEAM troubleshooting

    After update took 2 days to compete now im getting an error when ever im trying to start the game it says ERROR compiling pixel shader PSTreeAToC:0
  8. Perrinmajor

    I need help spawning animal

    i cannot find any createunit thread that shows a good example please help me out.
  9. Im trying to create a MP mission where everyone will have a shoot off to see how many animals they can kill and eat by the end of the mission only problem though is that i do not know how to spawn any animals using a script? can any one help me it would be much appreciated!!!
  10. Perrinmajor

    Custom Ammo Crates?

    I would very much apprecate it please do
  11. You are a scolar and a gentalman thank you for your help
  12. is there a way to make the civilians start out with a negitive setting so that everyone will see them as an enemy?
  13. I was wondering what kind of scripting would i have to use to do this? i figured this much so far removeallweapons this addweapon "fist" and thats all i know so far but it does not seem to work they just laydown and hide for cover? anyhelp would be much appreciated!!! I figure id make an addon with much more hit points but i dont know what the exact scripting would be to make them run up to the player and attack???