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  1. SSG J. Switch

    TF47 Launchers [WIP]

    Hi, great mod. Just wondering if anyone encountered this error. Only happens if I am running the mod and try to launch the SP showcase mission.
  2. SSG J. Switch

    updated fixed gcam

    Will this version work with CBA?
  3. SSG J. Switch

    GCam (Let's fix this great mod)

    I have read there are problems with GCAM and CBA for Arma 3? I did a quick test and confirmed that when I disabled @CBA_A3 the GCam mod worked. Is there a work around for this?
  4. Great looking model, but is there ANY chance to get them scaled up a bit to more closely represent the scale in real life?
  5. SSG J. Switch

    =ATM= Altimeter

    Great mod! Any chance to add a mode switch that will allow you to change from ASL to AGL?
  6. SSG J. Switch

    Remove/delete BI placed objects?

    Bootcamp update seems to have change lots of things, my JSRS wont work anymore either... *sigh* Thanks for trying to help out though, I appreciate it.
  7. SSG J. Switch

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Lighten up bro, the reality is, that the game is more playable and 1000x better because of efforts of the modding community and awesome mods like JSRS. I was simply highlighting the fact that this "update" killed a great mod, for now. Of course BI didn't intentionally mean to sabotage Jarhead's work. LJ, I'm trying to encourage some of the great resources in my unit to see if they can help you out, a large portion of our unit uses (or used) your mod and we have some phenomenal programmers/scripters.
  8. SSG J. Switch

    Remove/delete BI placed objects?

    Thanks gabberxxl, but have you tried this and had it successfully work? I followed your instructions and the building isn't disappearing. I attached screenshots of what Im looking at. Thanks!
  9. SSG J. Switch

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    It appears the BI update has made the great JSRS sound mod non-functional... BI has broken something they didn't make that actually made their game better... *sigh*
  10. Hello, If there's a post about this specifically I apologize, but I did search and couldn't find this specific answer. I would like to remove/delete a BI placed structure on Stratis, but not just "hideObject" which apparently just makes it invisible, but it is still physically there, or "setDamage" which leaves rubble from the damaged structure on the ground. Any thoughts on this? For bushes I've been using this and it does a nice job of just flattening out bushes and trees, but using that on buildings blows them up and leaves a pile of rubble as I said.
  11. SSG J. Switch

    OHally's T-10 Parachutes

    Hello there, very cool mod, looking forward to the finished product. Any consideration to updating the parachutes to the newer T-11 parachutes that are replacing/have replaced the T-10D?
  12. SSG J. Switch

    Arma3 gameservers spotted

    People seem to forget that BI is still a business and in order to remain open they have to make money. If they had to dedicate resources to Day Z to get more of the main stream players involved, then so be it. If they had to go with Steam for logistics and financial reasons, so be it. Whatever they need to do to run their business and get products out so be it. Much larger companies and games have had issues post release with their games, so I don't expect any difference with BI. I've been running my A2 off steam since Day 1 and Ive never had issues with mods or anything, so people need to quit their whining, if you dont want to be part of Arma 3 because of that, don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  13. SSG J. Switch

    Extrating PMC PBOs

    I tried unpacking the "characters_pmc.pbo" using Eliteness and DePBO and I got the "unknown header type" error, anyone figure out why this is on certain files? I just wanted to access the faces for a project. Edit - I found the characters pbo in the common folder as well, but they are tiny 128x128 .paa files. grrrr
  14. SSG J. Switch

    open OA pbo files

    Anyone ever try opening the PMC DLC pbos? I am getting an error "unknown header type" when using Eliteness and DePBO to unpack the "characters_pmc.pbo" file.
  15. SSG J. Switch

    Boeing/SOAR MH-47E

    Our pilots (and operators) are looking SOOOOOOOOOO forward to having this beauty in our mod pack. Great job!