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  1. thanks for the ticket, I was going to do so myself but R/L got in the way at the last minute. As regards your inquries, the SMAW dispersion is from observed testing by our Assault section in the work up they are doing for the 0351 Training Manual for the 15th MEU. The actual SMAW documents are still classified so we are under some limitations. The effects on the T-90 are from gameplay using ACE.
  2. Hello, I am the Platoon Sergeant of Weapons Platoon 15th MEU(SOC) Realism Unit We are dealing with four issues regarding the SMAW 1.Dispersion I am informed by my Assault Squad leader that the SMAW in ACE is affected by dispersion to a greater degree than real life. The specification for the weapon accuracy is; " Hit a 3m X 2m target at 500m with 90% hit probability" Under ACE this is not the case. The dispersion should be nearer to 3% maximum. 2. Spotting Round tracer visibility The spotting round is too visible. Firing a spotting round will immediately alert the enemy in a much wider area than normal. The flare from the spotting round should be only visible to the rear in a 30' arc from the flight of the round. 3. T-90 near invulnerability In a recent operation a T-90 took hits from seven SMAW HEAA rounds that resulted in the incapacitation of the driver only. The T-90 is almost invulnerable to a SMAW HEAA warhead. Should this be the case? 4. SMAW NE warhead The SMAW NE warhead should be added to ACE. Respectfully Submitted GySgt Bird Platoon Sergeant Weapons Platoon Echo Company
  3. SgtMjr

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    The M240G sounds are much improved:yay: The old ones were..... well I'll be kind and say they were not to my liking:mad: The deep nasty bark of this weapon is back and I'm very happy:D Keep up the good work, mate:681:
  4. SgtMjr

    Is arma ... fun?

    I hardly scratched the campaign or the scenarios, let alone the editor, when I found the Squad/Clan/Realism unit community and have never looked back. To me this is where the 'heart' of ArmA2 lives. Multi-Player action in a realism unit has pretty much taken over my game play completely. Check them out, they'll be glad to see you. You'll have a blast being part of a team and playing Arma2 the way it was meant to be played, IMHO. The best ones use proper squad tactics and combined arms with a chain of command and structure that simulates a real military organization. Using all the mods that enhance the game like ACE2 and ZeusAI and missions that challenge you to tackle them just as a real Platoon and Company would have to, you will be left most satisfied having scratched that mil-sim itch.
  5. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/10409 I hope this gets changed. The reasons for keeping the status quo far out-weigh the reason for this change as outlined by Xeno. Co-op play will be adversely affected is this is the new norm IMHO.
  6. I run a XFX 5870 XXX version on a P6T MoBo with a i7920 at 3.0 and I average 39 FPS (fraps) Max FPS is up around the 60's Runs like buttah:yay: I got a SSD drive for my OS (Win 7 64) and I might move Steam and Arma2 over from my Raptor drive to see how that runs. ( easy there BangTail, easy now...)
  7. The M240G has lost it's deep full sound, the MG Gunners in my ArmA unit are not liking it. That and it seems that the RoF has changed (ACE?) has us looking at our beloved 240's with some dismay.:mad:
  8. He's been playing with us in the 15th MEU (SOC) ARMA2:cool:
  9. Does anyone know if a change in status from Future to Maybe for a suggested mod is a good or bad thing?
  10. SgtMjr

    So, I hear a lot about this series.

    One aspect of this game that made it for me was joining a Realism Unit and playing as part of a team. Talk about immersion, WOW:D Check out the Squads and Fanpages: http://forums.bistudio.com/forumdisplay.php?f=90 My unit holds regular combined arms exercises and training events every month and we are working toward a deployment to a progressive campaign. Check some of them out for yourself you may find a group that fits your schedule. I found that ARMA2, modded with fantastic addons like ACE2 and sound and effects mods plus playing as part of a team that takes military sims seriously has fulfilled a life long quest for a realistic war game experience that you wont find with most, if not all the other, FPS out there.:cool:
  11. SgtMjr

    Comedian Robin Williams plays A1/A2???

    Semper Fi J. Keating:cool: Had to post this just in case.......
  12. My list; ACE2 Chammy's Sound Mod or Hi Fi sound mod (both are good) War FX WarFX tracers Zeus AI The benefits of ACE2 outweigh the bugs by a wide margin IMHO. The sound mods are amazing. WarFX/ Tracers are not only very pretty but are useful in that bullet hit dust markings aid in aim correction at long range and who doesn't like cool tracer effects:cool:)? Given the choice I'd play on a Zeus AI server over regular AI any day. The harder the better I say. OOHRAH!
  13. Thanks for the support guys for my little feature request; http://dev-heaven.net/issues/9107
  14. SgtMjr

    Zeus AI Combat Skills

    Has anyone noticed a change by AI behavior in Domination when ZEUS AI is enabled? Since last Wed. the Domination AI will not behave properly ie; not shoot at obvious targets, will fixate on one target and ignore others, act stupid. Then 20 minutes or so later all will seem well and they are back to their normal, flanking, grenade chucking, sneaky selves.
  15. A good campaign and interesting scenarios may serve as a welcome for some who enjoy those aspects of ARMA2 but for me multi-player is where it's at. I have had the most interesting, exciting and satisfying gaming experience playing with my squad-mates from my unit. It's what I have been looking for in gaming all along. The core game, editor and the great work of the modding community coupled with a team of like-minded mil-sim aficionados to play with/against IS ARMA2. Looking forward it can only get better. I voted 3.