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  1. VolvoJocke1337

    Tracers Mod: tracers every round

    ACE version up and running in steam workshop. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850254057
  2. VolvoJocke1337

    Tracers Mod: tracers every round

    Yes it should work, from what I understand you as an author of a scenario in Arma 3 workshop can set my mod as a dependency, which will make the Arma 3 launcher download my mod when people install your mission.
  3. VolvoJocke1337

    Tracers Mod: tracers every round

    Thank you for reporting this. I've updated the Steam Workshop version, so now pistols and SMG:s work again.
  4. VolvoJocke1337

    Tracers Mod: tracers every round

    Mod updated to v0.2 with APEX support, also RHS versions released! See first post :)
  5. VolvoJocke1337

    Tracers Mod: tracers every round

    No scripts needed it works all the time for all units having the included mags :)
  6. VolvoJocke1337

    Tracers Mod: tracers every round

    Thank you :) Actually I already have a RHS version, but it is incomplete. I will finish it and upload it.
  7. VolvoJocke1337:s Tracer Mod TL;DR Makes (almost) all standard A3 weapons fire tracer rounds! :D UPDATE 20161201: V0.2 Added APEX and RHS: Escalation versions UPDATE 20170128: ACE version in steam workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850254057 version 0.2 For vanilla Arma 3, DLC:s and APEX: >>>>DOWNLOAD <<<< RHS: AFRF version 0.1: >>>>DOWNLOAD<<<< RHS: USAF version 0.1: >>>>DOWNLOAD<<<< Also available on Steam Workshop Overview: So back in 2009 a similar mod was released for Arma 2 by "Pistolfied" and I really enjoyed it. AFAIK nobody made a mod like this for Arma 3, so I thought I'd share my own creation. This mod will make all (I hope) rifles, carbines and machineguns fire nothing but tracer rounds. Note that I have left out vehicle ammo, sniper rifles, and pistols. These are the magazines that are effected by this mod: 5.56mm 30rnd STANAG Mag 6.5mm 30Rnd STANAG Mag 6.5mm 30Rnd Caseless Mag 6.5mm 100Rnd Belt Case 6.5mm 200Rnd Belt 6.5mm 200Rnd Belt Case 7.62(x51)mm 150Rnd Box 7.62(x54)mm 150Rnd Box .338 NM 130Rnd Belt 9.3mm 150Rnd Belt 9mm 30Rnd Mag 9mm 16Rnd Mag .45 ACP 30Rnd Vermin Mag 20161201: APEX mags added. Added some mags I missed Might have forgotten some but whatever :P This may not be realistic but it is a lot of fun! Not tested in MP. Not really tested in SP either, just enjoyed. The mod is signed though. Changelog: v0.1: - first release v0.2: - Added APEX support - Added some mags I had missed Credits: The author is me VolvoJocke1337. Many thanks to Pistolfied for his ArmA 2 tracer mod that inspired this one. QA by Joel. And thanks mom, you are great. License: I am publishing this under the APL-SA license. You can read about it here if you're into that kind of stuff: https://www.bistudio.com/community/licenses MISC I have never uploaded an addon so if I messed something up please let me know :)
  8. VolvoJocke1337

    ArmA 3 - Chernarus and Takistan Already Ported

    I got it to work, thanks :D But like you said, many bugs and many things are missing. Im just gonna play with Chernarus and Utes for a while, they seem to work pretty good. Our awesome community will probably do a "proper" port of A2 stuff soon enough :)
  9. VolvoJocke1337

    ArmA 3 - Chernarus and Takistan Already Ported

    On topic guys. How do I go about porting A2 stuff to A3? Like the guy in the vid...
  10. VolvoJocke1337

    Which version will you be buying?

    Am I the only one that would like a boxed copy of A3? :cool: But I still wanna play the Alpha :(
  11. VolvoJocke1337

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    If Molon Lave/labe means come and get it, and the monument at Stratis has those words, and the ARG seem to focus on the monument. Then, maybe "Come and get it" or "Come and take" is the message to the community! Like Come to Stratis, come to the monument. And take "it", which could be the Alpha or whatever. Maybe on a USB drive ^^ Or we should "come and take" something else somewhere. Maybe past the terminal with the login, still just speculation though...
  12. VolvoJocke1337

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    They left it there and hinted about the location. Have a look at this: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=14129&highlight=ARMA%2B2%2BHACKED The picture is from the landscape Chernarus is based on, and in the hole in the ground there was a metal box with a map or something. Somebody from the community went the and found it.
  13. VolvoJocke1337

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    BIS are probably laughing at us right now -.- In the last ARG, when ArmA 3 was first revealed, somebody went to the real location of a house outside Kraznostav which had some significance in the A2 story. And there was a clue hidden. I say somebody has to go to the monument and look, anybody up for a holiday? ^^ You might even find Miller!
  14. VolvoJocke1337

    ArmA 3: new ARG - Things we know so far.

    I don't know if this helps or has been mentioned earlier but I tried to login with my BI account and the terminal (at m26.node-42.rv4a3.org) seems to recognize email adresses, and automatically makes them clickable and blue, like links on wikipedia :confused: But I didn't get in though :(
  15. VolvoJocke1337

    Taviana Island for ArmA 2!

    This island is really awesome! Nice work! :D But I have one question; in one of the Beta trailers you see a military base with units that seem to be custom made. Are these in the works or have I missed them? Is it an already released addon?