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  1. nukey

    ARMA2 and Kinect

    From wot i understand Microsoft doesn't own the the rights to the motion capture tech, it was rumored that a PC version is indeed on its way before this Christmas. I have been following kinect from the start, and most people that had a go, weren't that impressed with it. There biggest gripe was the delay, even though it was only very slight. Think I'll hold of the pre-order and see wot its like, once the dust has settled...
  2. Hello, the only solution would be to turn off all your mods,and switch 1 on at a time go back into the editor and check........
  3. SIXTWO, your system specs are way to low to run arma2 at max settings,read through some of the posts here first. Your processor is weak, u want an i7 or the new amd 6 core,and a brand new top of the range graphics card. Plus ddr3 mother board and ram.
  4. nukey

    Joystick Throttle

    Like Baz, i have tried all of the above, i have used my saitek software and it registers the throttle as soon as i lift it. But arma seems to miss the first 50% of it. I have taken it off analog in-game now as suggested above, and while its a little better its still not 100%. Cheers for help though! much appreciated.
  5. nukey

    Joystick Throttle

    I have a saitek evo, and have the exact same problem. If anyone does have a fix for this, please come forth and speak :)
  6. nukey

    Headset (£60 max)

    I've using a set of Roccat KAVE for about 4 months,and i must say im really impressed with them. If you can stretch your budget and get them,you will not be disappointed.
  7. the MOD looks great, cant wait to get my hands on it!! keep it up guys :)
  8. nukey

    Why is this game not more popular?

    No,there staying away because the game is ball busting hard....simple as.;)
  9. Thank you, as simple as "and" I must of try'd everything else but that!! Cheers again :)
  10. Can i pick your brains some more please!? Say if my bridge has 3 IDs marked on it and i would like to display a message when all 3 parts have been destroyed. Wot you said above works a charm,its just i would like to extend the damage to all 3 parts before the message is produced....any ideas????
  11. Loyalguard you are a star my man,thanks for your prompt help,much appreciated.
  12. Can anyone help me with this problem, all i want to do is destroy the bridge or building, i thought it would be the same as destroying a unit. I've got the ID18193 and in a trigger condition,ive put !alive ID18193, and on the act. I've just put a hint in, to see if it works which it doesn't... thank you for your help with yet another newbie.. :)
  13. Thanks for your help,it didnt work for me, but as it worked for the other guy,it must be me doing something wrong. I have changed the amount of waypoints and units in my mission,but i have adjusted the text to allow for that. i know it will be something silly thats wrong,so will go through the script and triggers to see wots up with it. Cheers again.
  14. Thanks for the reply, it didnt work.Try'd a few different variants of that command but no joy. cheers anyways.
  15. Before everyone says "search before posting,i have. And cannot find an answer, mainly because im new to mission making and most of the commands go way over my head. But im learning slowly,like everyone does!! THE QUESTION- Im running norrins convoy script, but i would like the convoy to start on a trigger, activated by BLUFOR. I've a try'd so many commands to start it but im having no luck, im sure its an easy problem to solve,if someone can point me in the right direction, i would be a happy person again.