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    AI can see through tree tops?

    This is 2015. Please put this fairy tell to bed. The only knowledge the AI retain is the target's speed and heading, so they have a chance of shooting you through a bush if you don't change direction or lie down. It also lets them use basic logic to anticipate where you might appear again. As for the question, 'do AI see through tree tops?' No, they don't. Tree tops block AI vision. But of course, there are no absolutes. This is like the question of, 'how long is Australia's coastline?' The answer is always different depending on how finely you measure, down to miles or micromillimeters. Tree tops have an invisible blob-like shape that blocks AI vision, but since this isn't a perfect world and limitless processing power doesn't exist, the viewblock object doesn't correspond 100% to the thousands of little leaves that you see on the screen. So on the edges of tree canopies there will always be little disparities between what is visible to you AI vs humans.
  2. So how does the frag and spall system work now? I've been dropping the largest ordinance I can find on runway, but no fragments seem to be striking the trucks I hide behind. Were the audible impacts removed? Likewise, 30mm and 12.7mm going through walls may create spall, but it's not visible as secondary impacts.
  3. maturin

    Russia General

    How the hallucinations of an eccentric KGB psychic influence Russia today Lol, how many times can they possibly change their story? For a whole year all the experts on Russian TV have sworn up and down first that it was a Ukrainian R-60, then a Ukrainian Buk. Now it's a mystery NATO missile. Perhaps by the anniversary we will go back to the initial theory of the passengers already being dead and the plane blowing up as planned.
  4. I've hurt myself slightly by firing an RPG-7, but the AI don't seem to be harmed when I point the tub in their face. Anyways, are the ACE tracers supposed to work after you use the PBO? Or do I have to enable them somehow? Still stuck with vanilla lasers.
  5. maturin

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    Groups with no imagination or ability to download mods, maybe. The tropics have seen more than their share of warfare over the last 50 years, so I see no problem. US troops are still deployed in the Philippines, and a proxy war in the Pacific with China is standard fare for near-future fiction.
  6. maturin

    Russia General

    Western point of view? Yes, we cite Western points of view because the 'Eastern' point of view involves denying obvious facts with a smirk, out of loyalty to the Kremlin's hybrid war tactics. At least usually: «СпуÑковой крючок войны вÑе-таки нажал Ñ. ЕÑли бы наш отрÑд не перешел границу, в итоге вÑе бы кончилоÑÑŒ, как в Харькове, как в ОдеÑÑе. Было бы неÑколько деÑÑтков убитых, обожженных, ареÑтованных. И на Ñтом бы кончилоÑÑŒ. ...практичеÑки маховик войны, ÐºÐ¾Ñ‚Ð¾Ñ€Ð°Ñ Ð´Ð¾ Ñих пор идет, запуÑтил наш отрÑд». -Гиркин «Мы вÑе знали, на что идем и что может быть» http://www.novayagazeta.ru/society/67490.html Now, even if you believe that Strelkov and that Buryat танкиÑÑ‚ is lying, the fact remains that Russian invaded Crimea. No reasonable person, who is familiar with the facts, can deny that without the annexation of Crimea, there could have been no war in Donbas. Even in an alternate universe where Russia provided no support, no personnel, there would have been no rebellion. But once Putin provided the example of Crimea, and gave that hope to the tiny group of nationalists, communists, Orthodox fascists and Chechen mercenaries in the Donbas, conflict was inevitable. For the hundredth time, there is no comparison between the invasion of Iraq and other US interventions. The US started the war the in Iraq. The US had nothing to do with the roots of the conflict in Libya and Yugoslavia, but intervened in response to the actions of dictators who were responsible for some of the worst atrocities since WWII. How would you like it if foreigners treated the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Finland as if those actions were the same as the Soviet invasion of Serbia or Germany? Oh, those evil Russians, always sending their tanks into places like Grozny and Bucharest and Zagreb! You can't just ignore historical context, unless you just want to spout bullshit.
  7. maturin

    Steam discussion

    It helps when your community has one of the strongest identities in all of gaming, with an ethos built up over a literal generation. Put another way, when the community defends its dogmatically-held beliefs with an ardor that surpasses religious fervor, tempered by a deep cultural tendency towards drama and prima donna behavior.
  8. They've also got a bridge across the Kerch Strait to sell you.
  9. maturin

    Ukraine General

    You know what I mean. And Russian forces are all over Crimea, obviously. When the negotiators signed the 'foreign forces and mercenaries must leave Ukraine' clause, this obviously was not meant to refer to Crimea or peaceful parts of Ukraine where there has been no conflict.
  10. maturin

    Ukraine General

    Okay, let's all put on our stupid hats and read the Minsk agreement, translated into stupidese. Crimea is Ukraine, so I guess Russia just agreed to move the Black Sea fleet at Minsk. Minsk obviously refers to combatants in the conflict zone. A sovereign country has an unimpeachable right to invite foreign trainers, and no one considers them as 'deployed' military forces. Nor are they probably even armed. I saw a bunch of Mongolian soldiers in the St. Petersburg metro. I wonder why the press wasn't screaming about an invasion from Genghis Khan II?
  11. maturin

    Russia General

    You just drag your vicious little biases into every thread you can, don't you. Didn't you notice what Russia's response to the Charlie Hebdo murders was? In Russia the cartoonists were the criminals for hurting people's feelings. And Putin's greatest ally is Ramzan Kadyrov, who is forcing women to wear the veil. So tell me some more about Europe being the weak one.
  12. maturin

    U.S.A. Foreign Policy & Defense

    MAN, are you a class act. Going and trying to shift blame on every nation but your own. Sure the FBI director's article had ambiguous wording that suggested an insupportable position. But that doesn't change the fact that many Poles didn't need to join the SS. In some places they massacred all their Jewish neighbors before any German even suggested the idea. http://www.haaretz.com/jewish-world/jewish-world-features/new-case-study-explores-role-of-polish-peasants-in-holocaust-atrocities.premium-1.503742 Yes, everyone knows that the Poles suffered perhaps more than any other nation in the war, and that many of them helped Jews to escape. A plurality of Righteous Among the Nations are Poles. But that doesn't wipe away the deeds of those who did the reverse. Quit playing the victim contest. Yeah, because anti-Semitism is a magical curse inflicted on the Germans by Hitler, invented out of nothing by him in 1939, and totally absent in all other nationalities.
  13. Just don't make the player a medic. Then the medikit is a worthless lump of plastic.
  14. maturin

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I wouldn't report anything to do with ACE3, JamesSaga. The stage of development is so early that it's not even relevant. When I run ACE3 with the Night showcase I only get about 12 fps, and the fault is obviously not with BI's mission. By the way, concerning the selling bug, it would occur with loot from dead enemies, rather than in loot boxes. And the bug would prevent all the other non-magazine items from being sold as well. It happened with AAF and CSAT troops, so I'm pretty sure vanilla gear was involved.
  15. maturin

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    I can't be certain, but I think this was the error. It crops up occasionally when I press 'Sell Content,' interspersed with hundreds of 'no owner' and 'no speaker' RPT entries.
  16. maturin

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    A well-deserved contest winner, this one. Such a simple, brilliant, idea. Made a long, procedural, full-map ArmA mission (usually a long, buggy slog) feel more like an epic narrative experience than anything else I can remember. The loot-selling system was also very clever. I did get occasional script errors that prevented me from selling loot. The only mods I used were CBA, ShackTac's fatigue monitor, and RHS Russian units. (The error affected vanilla loot as well.)
  17. I wouldn't worry about it, Soulis6. Even with NVGs, AI are blind as bats and unlikely to pay attention to anything that isn't 50m in front of their nose. So in being treated unfairly by ACE, you're just moving closer to parity with your foes.
  18. Sounds like overheating. Does it get better if you alt-tab for 30 seconds?
  19. Anyone figure out the scope adjustment keys?
  20. Right, but most of those 1330 pieces don't go very far. They fall inside the lethal radius, and at short distances the damage is represented by vanilla Arma AoE. The frag system is only supposed to model the outlier projectiles that fly much farther*, and actually come close to hitting someone. No need to model the 952 fragments that never came near a victim. *For instance, the chunk of tail fin from an RPG-7 round that somersaults 250m and smacks you upside the head. Lights out.
  21. So what features have people found so far, besides action menu stuff, deafness, ragdolls, the Spike ATGM, medical system (wow!), explosives and frag (causes serious stuttering atm)? I've had some interesting results with the medical system so far. I had an RGO grenade go off 20-30m away and I escaped serious injury, but my screen took on a hazy grey tint. The next grenade made me start bleeding, but in no particular body part, so I couldn't bandage it. Edit: Silly me, there are already loads of new items and features. It's amazing how much of ACE 2 has already been recreated. You guys are incredible. And not just recreated, but recreated must better. The new interaction system is revolutionary for all these little features like map tools and DAGRs. We all went through so much pain trying to keep all those keybindings straight, with the system always getting screwed up by updates and player profiles. But now it just works . Anyways, anyone know the keys for the Spike and sniper scope adjustments?
  22. Twice now I have been unable to Resume SP missions (Tank Hunters and Pilgrimage) that I subscribed to via the workshop. I play the mission, I make some saves, exit Arma. When I come back, the saves are still in the folders, but the Scenario menu only offers me the option to Play the mission, rather than Resume or Restart. The only workaround is to restart the mission, then manually move the savescummed file back into the mission folder (it gets deleted if you didn't make a copy beforehand) and then press Load. TLDR; SP gameplay with the workshop is broken. ---------- Post added at 04:12 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:43 PM ---------- Twice now I've lost 3-4 hours of progress on a mission because of this stupid bug. Nothing brings out the angst like fucking with people's savegame.
  23. Glad to hear that it's a clear-cut issues, Rydygier. Is there a bugtracker ticket about it? I long ago lost my login info.
  24. So what you're saying, is that you're an ingrate. Let's be clear: to people who care about improving core ArmA gameplay and the continued progress of realism in the series, the weapon resting, bipods, new sounds, suppression and engine updates ARE the DLC. The weapons are just fun extras. BI is being a class act by giving us all the best stuff for free. Buying the DLC isn't a donation to BI. The reverse is true. BI giving us the engine updates for free is a donation TO YOU. Absolutely class-act corporate behavior that shows a lot of faith in the company's relationship with customers. At the same time, BI probably couldn't have justified releasing such an enormous amount of groundbreaking content without the prospect of new revenue. If no one was going to buy the DLC, none of the engine updates would have happened. And the new engine features are worth lots and lots of money in my book. It's a win-win, so quite picking at it. Or just don't buy the DLC. I didn't, but that's more because I have a personal 'no paid DLC, no buying full price games ever' rule.