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  1. Dwarden can you please tell us when OA 1.52 on Steam will be updated to the latest build? At the moment the current Steam release (71612) is not the latest build (71816) and hence does not contain turret command functionality which is contained in the downloadable 1.52 patch which we can not run on the Steam version. This is causing script errors when trying to run ACE2.
  2. I think for your launcher to be able to work correctly with Steam Combined Operations it would need to generate this type of comand line, for example: "-mod=C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\arma 2;Expansion;ca;@cba;@ace;@acex;@acex_sm;@duala;@panthera" -nosplash and call the ArmA2OA.exe file.
  3. Your post is full of confusion. Let me help. Here are the simple facts: - The ACE team is not paid to produce ACE. - It is a labor of love. - The DLC is paid DLC therefore logically not everyone will buy it. There is little incentive for the ACE team to pour resources in to trying to develop and ACE DLC mod when few would benefit from it anyway. - If you are an expert in British armament then by all means volunteer your services to the ACE team and commence working on an ACE_BA mod for this new DLC.
  4. You do realise the ACE system isn't just about cosmetic changes? It also makes fundamental realism changes to the ballistics models, damage models, weapons, and numerous other engine improvements. It's not everyone's cup of tea but for realism buffs it definitely adds to the simulation. I am also interested to know what caused the crashes you experienced? Were you running custom missions or the standard campaign?
  5. zaphod6502

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    Please correct me if I am wrong but the latest patch for the original ArmA II does not need Steam. I am running it on my Steam version and I don't even need to have Steam running. I can't do the same with OA though at this time which does require Steam to be running. Also I believe the beta patches don't require Steam to be running in the background.
  6. The SIX Updater has come a long way from the early days when it was mostly a manual process. It is fully automatic now and simply requires a couple of selections in the Web-UI interface. The main thing to remember is not to activate the CBA_OA addon if people are running Combined Operations. Also download and use a good Launcher like SpiritedMachine's Arma II Launcher which takes the guess work out of setting up command-line switches and add-on management using an excellent visual interface.
  7. zaphod6502

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    I have Steam running in the background whenever my machine boots up so this sort of avoids that issue. Eventually BI Studios will release an exe/patch which will negate the need to have to run Steam before running the game.
  8. zaphod6502

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    A possible future modification would be to add in a graphical symbol next to the add-on to indicate whether it belongs to ArmA II Original or ArmA II OA in addition to the directory popup that currently appears. Not sure how easy that is to program but just a suggestion. :) I personally find the duplicates function very useful especially for those of us who like to have multiple sets of mods for the different servers we join. Of course I probably should create a different profile for each server I use. I like how this utility offers multiple ways to do things.
  9. zaphod6502

    ArmA 2 Game Launcher

    This launcher is excellent! A functional and easy to use utility that is obviously built by an ArmA enthusiast who knows exactly what we need. Most importantly for me it works with the separate Steam versions of ArmA II and ArmA II:OA in Combined Operations mode and even loads the correct .exe file (OA in this case). I can't thank you enough. Well actually I can - donation sent!
  10. zaphod6502

    Isla Duala

    Ah thank you! You are 100% correct. I am a very happy user of Panthera. I will delete the old Panthera file. :)
  11. zaphod6502

    Isla Duala

    Getting an error when opening the map in the missions editor - "Cannot open object ibr\ibr_plants\posed.3d".
  12. 1.03 (Steam version) bug. When many weapons sounds are occurring I get distorted sound and it fades out and crackles. My system: - Windows Vista Ultimate 32 SP2 - Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer soundcard using 2.18.0013 driver