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    Congratulations Bohemia Interactive

    http://www.upload.ee/image/2344958/Welcome_to_Steam.png (193 kB) Top seller today, congrats! IIRC steam's top sellers list is done on a $$ value made, rather than phsysical copies sold (though this information IS old and they might no actually do that anymore). So, going by that, Arma2: CO is making more money right now on steam, than Skyrim is.
  2. KorJax

    ARMA 2: 1.07 Patch Released!!!

    Ugh, the steam version is a full 7.5GB installation again...
  3. KorJax

    1.05 released

    But... if we install this patch won't that make the steam version (once it gets the update) detect a problem (in that the version is "different" or the cache is or something) and potnetually lock out?
  4. Well there wasn't a briefing at all. The map screen was completely blank of information. The only thing I can do is choose to spawn as the default "Tank commander" player (all the other 70 selectable players don't seem to work to well trigger wise), and when the game starts I just *spawn* as a tank commander in the tank and nothing else happens other than the occasional plane flying overhead. I assume only to move towards the red squares? And being a tank commander means I get a very crappy selection of gear.
  5. Same, can't play the mission... It would of really helped to have the mod author set it up how it's supposed to work when you drag+drop it to avoid problems like this EDIT: just figured it out, you need to have it say "@pmc_apache" (for example on the pmc mod), then inside that folder have one that says "addons" and then inside that one put the mod files. EDIT2: Played the mission... I really have no idea what is going on or what to do. Sorry. It seems very action packed but I just don't like it because everything feels totally random plus I don't understand how to actually PLAY it in the sense on what player to choose etc. The only one that seemed to work was the first "tank commander" player, but the problem with that is you become serious bait for AT soldiers by being a tank (which makes them p. useless as they die easy), and no one else seemingly does anything, even if I play as them.
  6. KorJax

    Beta test's - Mouse lag

    These invalidate save games right?
  7. No it's because for whatever reason the devs decided to put hold breath and zoom on the same keybind. Simply make it so hold breath is another key other than "mouse 2" in the options, problem fixed.
  8. KorJax

    Razor 2 mission question

    It does for me? Bottom right hand corner, clearly states "Page up: Increase Altitude, Page Down: etc.. etc.." Or maybe those were just listing the indicators and I just knew that it would do that from reading the forums.
  9. KorJax

    Razor 2 mission question

    It lists the controls when you are flying the UAV
  10. This thread is for those lucky individuals who chose to go on leave as a first choice instead of choosing to stay fighting, after the Harvest Red event where... :p I did! I love how it gave the option, the "alternate ending" there made me laugh a little. Such a nice little detail.
  11. KorJax

    Arma2 Im disappointed

    This thread is the reason why half of the arma community annoys me to no end.
  12. KorJax

    Tweaking the HUD

    You can change in your options menu what kinds of things are enabled for what difficulty settings, you know..
  13. KorJax

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    The second video (which I didn't see) shows the issue well, you are right. A grenade round fired from an APC should go through bushes. The first video though showed you firing 203 rounds and they clearly went through the bushes, just impacted agianst the tree trunks, which appeared to be correct. Seems like an unintended bug since it works for some things but not others, I'm sure it'll get patched. Like maybe the game is reading them as "generic grenade" instead of being as a "slow rocket" so it blocks the collision for the grenade launched rounds.
  14. KorJax

    all AI = snipers?

    To say a game has better AI is hard to say. What exactly = better? Better as in fits the game enviornment and design as well as possible? In that case AI such as in L4D of CoD would be near flawless, because they work as intended in the environments they are placed in extremely well, as such they don't feel out of place. I think a better question would be to ask what large-scale open ended games similar to ArmA2 have better AI than ArmA2? Then things start to make more sense.
  15. KorJax

    Patch 1.03 Satisfaction Survey

    ... I don't understand the issue? The grenade goes through bushes, which is normal. The M203 also hits the trunks of tree's, which is also normal. The M203 isn't a super powered rocket, it's not going to snap a tree in half when it hits. They are like 80-100 mph baseballs that explode (which is the speed of a well thrown "fastball" in baseball), all it's going to do when they impact a tree trunk is blow up. Now if the 203 round was exploding on the outer leaves where the thick trunk is not located then that would be strange and bad. As far as I know they do not do this. In any case, I'm a satisifed with 1.03 but I would have liked to see more improvements considering the wait. I'm finally playing the campaign now though, and it's TONS of fun and a lot more deep than I expected it to be. I also never realized just how good my friendly AI was. I tell them to advance with stealth/danger through some woods twoards an enemy encampment and they all go one by one, stealthily and tactfully to the waypoint I issue (or to the formation if I tell them to follow), while staying low and using the trees for cover, AND while covering each other. Very impressed. The AI not being super-soldiers now is also much appreciated, though I still have to test it out more. I laugh though at most of the people in this thread saying REALLY stupid minor stuff like the stars being too big with NVG's enabled as "MAJOR ISSUES". You guys need to unbunch your panties for a bit and realize that's not really a pressing issue at all, and infact it's a totally minor cosmetic one. I agree though, the stars are a little over-done in NVG (I know, I own a NVG monicle and all it does it make the stars more contrasted against the black sky, not big or larger). But a major issue? Hell no. I'd rather have some other things looked into first, such as some kind of "grass layer" for distances or the rather terrible performance with several bushes/trees being fixed. ---------- Post added at 01:09 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:03 AM ---------- I don't know if you know anything about computers (it doesn't sound like you do) but having it so 20-30% load on each core means the game is VERY optimized and IS using your multicore processor to the max. If it runs choppy, it's something else that's the issue. Personally I think it has to do with the fact that the game might rely way to much on fetching data to the HDD... which is the SLOWEST component in any modern day computer. I'd rather have all my cores at 100% load on my QX6850 than have a game rely on fetching all the data off the hard-drive. But then again with 225km^2 of map... is there any better way to do it? Surely there must be?
  16. So far I've not figured out how to get ammo at all in manhattan or where to go... (or any of the missions). What the hell do I do for this?
  17. That only happens if there's an ally/squadmate that is close to the tank and you are not. I.E. The Ally is only 200m away from the tank while you are 5k away. It's a little annoying but not really a "bug".
  18. In the steam version, you can right click your steam shortcut, go to "properties", "Local Files", and then click "Defragment Local Files" No idea if it will help or not but it's worth a try.
  19. KorJax

    I finally had an amazing time with ARMA 2

    Tell that to the AI. This happened to me today: 1. Shot an AI guy while prone in the woods, took 8 shots to kill. Was using G36 at a range of about 300-500m, probibly shorter. 2. The AI near this unit was basically totally oblivious. Occasionally a few of them "auto locked" in to my location (aka prone+aimed directly at me) but they never fired. All were pretty much just standing/laying around, and moving about 10m at random then stopping. Basically being dumb. 3. I get shot, by a guy 300-500m away, behind the treeline on the other side of town (I was up on a hill and these tree's were concealing the entire town, the only visible spots were at the tree bases and the town edge that I attacked). All shots without fail land within a meter of me. AI continues to stand still and act dumb reguardless. I get hit a few times from this psychic AI in the town that was 100% obscured by the treeline, while the AI that WOULD theoretically be able to see me continue to just kind of stare in the middle of an open field. Your argument becomes valid when I find the AI is capable of a little more than psychic ghost shooting and standing around. If I were to of gotten flanked by a couple of AI from the town in search of me, before opening fire, I would have been impressed. If the AI that COULD have the ability to realistically see me, managed to shoot back at me in surpressive fire at where the gunshots were coming from, I would have been impressed. In this case (and all others I've experienced) neither happened. And it always seems to play out like this. Give me AI that isn't just a bunch of psychic rocks that bleed then I'll agree with you. ---------- Post added at 10:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:59 PM ---------- That's totally possible, if you play with a group of friends. Personally I'd want nothing like that at all if I'm joining a multiplayer game. That stuff is cool, to have a group of 10-20 guys on a locked server going to complete an objective a little bit more complex than "kill everyone". I'd love that too, but when I join a big mulitplayer game with 30+ people, on a map that's 225km^2.... hell no. That is NOT the kind of enviornment for no-respawn 3 hour long matches. I don't know about you but I've got things I gotta do and if I join a match, start a game up, with 40 other people, am forced to drive+walk halfway across the entire map, manage to get killed, and have to wait a few hours before everyone is dead... no thanks. I'd rather spend my time in a respawn server. I'm always of the opinion that there is no place for a no-respawn game in mulitplayer if the area of conflict is very large and/or the teams are very massive in size (unless the objective isn't some huge mass-killing thing where you have to spend 20 minutes finding the last AI to win). Doing stuff like a squad of 12 guys, no respawn, or maybe a platoon would be cool. All focused on a goal to reach/accomplish. Actually that's part of my problem with Dom/Evo as a whole. There are no objectives except kill everyone. The only ones that have objectives that are not this are the side-missions, which are often ignored. If the large-scale co-op missions involved more than just killing everyone in an area and spending 20 minutes finding that last AI hiding out, and actually had REAL objectives to complete, I'd like it a lot more. It's basically deathmatch right now. Oh and disable all aircraft except transport heli's so the objective isn't piss easy to complete via blowing it up. You know, I think if I ever learn the editor I'll try and do a mission like that.
  20. KorJax

    What is going on ! ?

    I'm sorry but that would be terrible. This isn't WoW where there can be thousands playing on one server. "Oh hey let's travel 225km which can take 10-15 minutes to do, die, and basically not be able to play unless you join another server". The only thing that would happen is frustrated players just quitting and rejoining to "force" a respawn if the server supports jump-in playing. I don't know if you realized this but maches in ArmA2 usually last hours! No respawn games make sense if the map/round in which you are playing is small (counter-strike). This is because if you die, the wait isn't going to be astronomically large. In large games, it's pointless and frustrating because all you'll want to do is just join another game. Not the kind of mission server owners would like to have on their server. Let's not forget the fact that dieing is a punishment in of itself due to the travel times a player has to go through to get to an objective, unless the server is using mobile respawns (and even then there's a signifigant "delay" between the soldier being put back into action).
  21. KorJax

    What is going on ! ?

    Berzerk is fun, I just wish it would get out of beta already! There's only one or two servers that play it, currently the only one I ever see online is still running beta 39 which is filled with bugs... Also would be great to be able to play on something else other than Sobor, but alas something I'll have to wait on when it gets out of beta.
  22. KorJax

    New, intence maps/missions

    Play on Bezerk, it's basically limited to a two town PvP scenario. Currently though the game mode is in beta, which means there's lots of mission script bugs and there is ONLY one map/mission ATM, between the two towns Novy Sobor and Starry Sobor. It's still large scale but it's not "225km large". All fighting is focused within the 2-3 capturable areas near the towns
  23. KorJax

    VopSound 2.1

    Yeah it hasn't been to bad until today when every server with people in it had it disabled, dunno :\
  24. KorJax

    VopSound 2.1

    Meh... love the mod. Sadly I'm going to have to stop playing it. Almost every server out there has ALL mods disabled, so I can't use something like this and play multiplayer on most servers. Usually it's not too bad but 90% of server admins purposly disable all user-side mods, even for something as cool and legit as this one. Oh well.