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  1. Believe it or not, but the whole equipment/uniforming system.
  2. As in the Title, I'd like to know what determines the language of the game. Is it the CD-Key or copy of the game you've got? I got the Polish edition, but I hate the translation and thus it would be much better if I had it in English. I know of the language mods available, but they don't apply to mods and other things. If that's a CD-Key thing, I suppose I'll be forced to buy ArmA 2 Combined Ops from somewhere in the USA, since the poor Polish translation has made me stop playing ArmA, it's just so bad.
  3. Nickos

    fox's 2010 us army

    BIS should hire you
  4. Nickos

    Fallujah City

    Epic campaign time!
  5. Nickos

    ION, Inc.

    I love playing as PMC's\Mercenaries. Jagged Alliance rules.
  6. Original War 2! Christ, this news about buying Altar has made me come back to the forums.
  7. So that Sion-of-a-bitch has actually turned himself in about ripping of the ArmA series? (IE This post: http://community.codemasters.com/forum/6392021-post15.html) Those mother fuckers have absolutely no honour at all....
  8. Has anyone noticed that when you type "O F P" together it shows a facepalm in place of F and P? Ha! Guess even the forums are sentient to a level where they knows CM sucks
  9. Huh, since when Codemasters has made Worms?
  10. Exactly. And CM promoted it as "pre-release gameplay footage" my ass...
  11. 100% Agree. About that banned post: I remember how CM once showed a "gameplay" where there as epic graphics, Crysis quality like, super good looking fog etc. So it was about scouting an area. The guy took binoculars and zoomed about 1km to see a village, so he called a bomb run on it. Of course, the game didn't even in one piece resembled that "gameplay" of theirs, and CM as always try's to fool people into some crazy shit. Like the western all-healing Snake Oil and shit :((((
  12. Hell, Codecopiers have made a new version of a facepalm: the palmface, AKA mlapecaf
  13. They didn't had. They don't. They won't have. The only thing they have is the right to the Operation Flashpoint name and their self-assumed right of n00bishly copying all of the BIS ideas, solutions, and even the fucking war themes.
  14. While I might (correctly) accuse CM of ArmA 2 copycatting, they also plan (yes, plan, because they already bullshitted everyone enough with their DR and it's super graphic mightiness and driving model, among other things) to copy other things BIS has missed, like the MW 2 Weapon Attachment Selection (I shall copyright it as WAS, he he)