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  1. EMERY

    im on a boat!

    hear we go the addon police are in
  2. EMERY

    im on a boat!

    its the boat from tomb raider ported to Garry's mod then ported to arma2 HOT TUB! DOSE IT MAKE ME WET! ,YEA! ,IS IT GOING TO MAKE ME ,SWEET! YEA!
  3. just something i started working on for a bit or fun, i will release it when its done :) i will post some new screen shots soon http://vimeo.com/19501760
  4. as seen in the end of this movie this script will allow you to spawn a camp from the vehicle it can be adapted to any vehicle, objects can be changed to anything with a class name ie you could swap all objects out, and make it a road block objects or you can even change it to spawn 50 Abrams tanks from the back of a bicycle :) http://www.filefront.com/17842617/camp.rar have fun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAiPx4FypH0 it is at the very end of this move that shows the Kiowa
  5. looks killer let me know if you need help fixing them errors happy to help pm me asap! Rocket
  6. WTF guys if ya don't like it go play Bf2 i hear you can swim in that @ [GLT]Myke Location: behind W0lle [i hope not to close lol] sorry but it looks and sounds so gay :)
  7. I have started to update the rovers not changing a lot but a few small tweaks , fix some small bugs mostly changed the way the 6x6 looks and made proxy for all the cargo objects, put some new objects in and changed the front gun on the 6x6 to a saw i might swap it over to a mag 58 in the next few days I only started the update because i wonted to use them with AAW INSURGENCY because the AAW addons are the bomb and the 6x6 rover is better to have instead of the quads in INSURGENCY because they drive like s#%t i hope to have this done in the next few days. AAW ADDONS IN USE IN SCREEN SHOTS thanks for the killer addons AAW *YAHOO*
  8. EMERY

    Improving the BIKI

    anything to make it easier would be great :)
  9. ok cool you could un arm it, take all guns of , offer still stands if you guys change ya mind :)
  10. hey guys love the mods great work i got something you might wont to add to the mod im willing to donate as a gift, myself and Ruben have been working on it for a while but have run out of time and now we tort you guys would like it its a great model i don't even know if the ADF used this type of chopper but its up to you guys let me know if you wont it ps its 80% finished you would just have to do some ADF textures and go over and check for bugs but its works great as i can tell :hellfire x2 :movie shows different gun, side rail now has 50cal :spotlight moves with gunners head :high detailed cockpit but instruments don't work :mask man of sight TWS, NVG and 30xzoom :Laser designator pAiPx4FypH0
  11. is there a link to just download the addons or do we all need the addons sync?