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  1. Does this register on a Co-op or MP that someone is using it? It works on Antistasi and I'd like to know which players are using it.
  2. How do you increase strength/radius?
  3. Saving a Zeus-made 'overlay' in MCC, for use in an Eden-made mission results in no units appearing. This is a recent phenomenon - anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  4. blow56

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    The hard fact is - someone made a Star Wars mod everyone likes and wants. It may or may not include mods or bits of mods from someone else who bottled out of using it and allegedly and, anonymously, wishes to stop people getting the new mod. Let me make it clear. You may fool yourself, though why you would bother is beyond me, but the fact is that, if you make a mod and put it out for others to use, then you are not simply 'doing it for yourself'. If that was so we'd never hear of it. You'd sit and turn it over and over in your own fingers and congratulate yourself on a job well done. But you don't. You put it out for others to admire. If you try and tell me you then have no connection to it, no service to the community - then why all the angst about claiming copyright etc etc? You really need to get over yourselves. Either keep the work for your own delight in a sort of modder masturbation, or do what you probably intended all along - put it out there to be used and admired. But if you do that you can hardly let it go, claim you have no obligation to it, leave it unimproved or updated and if, as you seem to be trying to tell me, you do not work for the community, so provide no service - why all the angst about legal right? If you don't care, then - don't care. No-one, I repeat NO-ONE owes you a damned thing for the free work you have done. You have almost certainly, at some time in your life, illegally downloaded a pirate-something and thought yourself all hard-done-by when the site got shut - and that's the work of people using it to earn a living. Don't get all holy with me here, please. It will not wash. Its dog in the manger. The attitude that you will prevent everyone in the community from having their fun because you aren't being admired or respected enough can only end in you being rightly villified for it. And if you throw your hands in the air and stamp off in a hissy fit, you do yourself even less of a favour. And Mr Benson - that intro is just playground stuff. Really? That's your best, most considered response?
  5. blow56

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    You people still amaze me with this bs. All I hear is - this is my propertyy, legally and completely. So I am not going to let anyone use it even if I am not. My ball, my game. And the point about piggybacking is to show that, if Bohemia got antsy, they could shut down every Arma 3 modder in the business with the same bs. They don't because its good marketing for them (see below). Why do you MAKE mods? Not for the money, so presumably it is for the praise, for the 'look at my wonders and marvel, o ye mighty'. Which is fair enough - but when your marvels are made just as mighty by others, the thing to do is not huff and puff and demand respect. The thing to do - to get respect from the community you purport to be working for - is to say: 'well done. Nice job. Some of that work is mine, but rather than fuck off all those who want to play it I endorse it.' THAT gets you respect and praise. Not anoymously sticking out a take-down notice because you feel butt-hurt. Shutting down easy access to a mod lots of people want and will find a way to get that doesn't involve you. Making your name shit in the process. BTW - I am a writer. I know copyright and I know how it feels to have people take your work and use it without permission. I am betting sure that everyone above has, at one time or another, downloaded music or books or movies for free. Once I ranted and roared about the amount of my books being ripped off on dl-for-free websites, about all those people who ask for signed copies only to stick them for sale on eBay. But you know what? Makes no difference. All you get is the rep for being a greedy, corporate sell-out bastard. Now I look at what they do as a library; people see what's on offer and maybe read one - then look for my name and the other work I do. I treat it as marketing mate, as should you and all your friends.
  6. blow56

    Star Wars mod, what is going on?

    All this reminds me of the seagulls in Finding Nemo. You modders make mods presumably because you like to, because you like the kudos it gets you when people use them. One or two try and make money off it and they, in my experience, get rightly slapped for it by the others. So what I don't understand is that other modders take the work you threw away, mash it up, alter it a little and make something, frankly, better or more interesting then you get bent out of shape, throw your toys out of the pram and declare you are taking your genius elsewhere. The SW mod is a case in point. You may well have made the oiriginal assets, but you sat on them, consigned them to a cupboard- and someone else decided to do something with them. You should be pleased. Instead, you give us a perfect example of dog in the manger - if I am not going to get my name on the record label, then no-one will hear it. Frankly, I am like 90 per cent of the guys playing Arma 3 - I don't care where it comes from, but I will applaud the workmanship and laugh at those who foot-stamp about having their 'property' stolen. I might point out that you and every modder who does one for Arma 3 piggybacks on an existing game. And this attitude has spoiled the enjoyment of all those you claim to be working for.
  7. Having trouble working out resistance hositility now. Can't seem to find a way to change it so that Gref v Blufor for example. Before the update it was clearly marked, but now I can't find it in Mission Settings.
  8. I can see all the RHS units in Editor and place them. I can see every RHS unit in MCC - but can't place RHSSAF. I can't see RHSSAF in Zeus at all. Anyone had this problem? Found a solution?
  9. blow56

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Next problem - I also have the Nimitz down. Now that I can respawn everyone on the LHD using the event handler - how do I get ONLY the FW pilot to respawn on the Nimitz? I have tried various solutions and failed - they either all respawn on one ship or the other. The problem, of course, is that to get them on the decks you need an eventhandler or a teleport from the respawn_west marker. Is there a way of setting such a marker for a specific individual?
  10. blow56

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    Thanks - that seems to have worked!
  11. blow56

    ATLAS Mod: LHD Plus

    How do you respawn players on the LHD? The script I used to respawn players into the hangar of the Nimitz won't work and neither does anything else. Anyone have a solution?
  12. blow56


    This forum is for the release and subsequent discussion of addons/mods. The AAV is an addon/mod. It had been released. I am asking if it is amphibious. Not sure where you think I have gone wrong here - but an answer would solve all of it.
  13. Been trying to find out and can't, though I have seen a video (of AAVs being driven off the Nimitz no less) - is the AAV actually amphibious? I know it hasn't been int he past but I wondered if this had changed, or whether what I saw was a special script.
  14. Doesn't work on our MP server. Won't place in MCC, can't be seen in Zeus and makes every mission placed with it in 3D Editor lose all slots. Does it need updating? If so - can it be or is it a dead mod?
  15. blow56


    Now that I have encountered the Ravage mod, albeit not under the best of circs - is it compatible with MP and ACE? I realise the one I met was a ripped-off, sawn-off version.