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  1. Hi i see some addons on armaholic and some say signed - no and some say signed - yes. What does this mean?
  2. The game as well all know looks fantasic, id even say its untouchable in the graphics department currently. But something is really bugging me, and it's this flickering on distant buildings/objects (See youtube video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3xsbtvHtu0 I have an XFX 4870 , and other than this i have no other graphical issues, the game looks fantastic. Especially when the time is set to 6am wow :eek: puts crisis to shame.
  3. thedudesam

    About Reinforcements.

    I have ARMA2 DVD version, and only ARMA2. I heard Reinforcements contains a light version of OA (OA minus the missions and scenarios). Ok so here's my questions. With just ARMA2 and RFT will i be able to use mods made for OA? Does RFT include the maps OA brings for use in the editor? Does RFT include the new units, vehicles and weapons from OA? Thanks.
  4. thedudesam

    About Reinforcements.

    Thanks man just what I needed, time to purchase RFT.
  5. Thought i would mention a bug i found, considering its beta. After installing the mod i could not use the M2 machine gun, the M2 minitripod or any of the other static machine guns including the DSHK etc. The other statics worked fine like artilery peices, mortars and grenade launchers.
  6. Oh i was talking about the videos on ARMAHOLIC. On a side note, will i be able to patch 0.99 to 1.00 or will i have to tottaly delete 0.99 and redownload 1.00? :D
  7. Why have all the youtube videos been removed? is this mod dead or something, coz it looks really good :confused:
  8. thedudesam

    Ambient Combat Module

    Thanks, but it don't seem to work. I made an ACM module, named it ACM1 syncronized it to myself, saved the mission. Made an init.sqf in the mission folder, pasted the code you posted. Went in game, ran around for about 10 minutes and i saw nothing, i know ACM like to take it's time to actually work but after about 20 minutes i gave up.
  9. thedudesam

    Ambient Combat Module

    Oh sorry haha i thought you sent me here to ask the question, i thought this was a thread about asking specific questions about ACM :D
  10. thedudesam

    Ambient Combat Module

    REQUEST: ACM script that spawns only enemy infantry? I can't remember how i did it before as i had all my saved codes and scripts on my other PC. So could anyone kindly show me how to or paste a script that makes ACM spawn insurgents, but only infantry?
  11. I can't remember how i did it before as i had all my saved codes and scripts on my other PC. So could anyone kindly show me how to or paste a script that makes ACM spawn insurgents, but only infantry?
  12. Ok the correct place for my mission that i made is C:\Users\myname\Documents\ArmA 2 Other Profiles\Sythalron\MPMissions\test%20missiongrass.Chernarus Correct? Inside i have init.sqf and mission.sqm In init.sqf i have written setterraingrid 50; //no grass setViewDistance 2000; enableEnvironment false; But when i host a game for freinds, my map still has all the annoying bushes and grass in the way. What am i doing wrong :( ---------- Post added at 08:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:08 PM ---------- Anyone? :(
  13. thedudesam

    What am i doing wrong?

    Hmm could you paste the code?
  14. Ok we all know, how awesome ArmA2 is right? We all know how fun coop is right? What about putting zombies in the mix! :D Now, im not talking about uggggh slow resident evil zombies, im talking about zombies from 28 days later etc (or infected if your that pedantic). Imagine, you and a team being dropped off in a town thinking your facing an insurgent threat, when suddenly on the horrizon, 200 or so zombies are racing down towards your position. Man i think the whole immersion that ArmA2 already has will go hand in hand with making a shit scary zombie game.
  15. How do i make a simple mission that requires your team to get to a location to complete? thanks.
  16. thedudesam

    The Undead Mod

    Hi great mod mate, but how do i get fast zombies? EDIT: bleh stupid me, i placed zombies instead of infected.
  17. Hi there how do i turn off grass if im hosting a server, thanks.
  18. thedudesam

    AH64-D Hellfire lockon

    Hi how do i lock on with hellfires if im the gunner?
  19. Ahh thanks dude. So i can host a server using unsigned addons (such as vehicles) and providing the people joining have it also, they will work?
  20. thedudesam

    AH64-D Hellfire lockon

    Tab? i never tried that, thanks.
  21. thedudesam

    AH64-D Hellfire lockon

    Right click dosnt work, neither does hodling it.
  22. Hi i like having maps with Loads of enemies randomly located, i normall close my eyes and spam CTRL+V on groups. Fun but HORRIBLY unoptimized, so im wondering is there a script that makes a group of enemies "Appear" when you set foot in a zone? Thanks :D
  23. thedudesam

    Spawn AI script?

    Hmm i don't see anything spawning even without my code etc.