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  1. UltraSur76

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    For all the PC Elitists; you ever stop to think that Bohemia producing a console version would benefit everybody in the long-run (more profits for the company)? I understand that some of the other developers have ruined the PC version of a game once they went to consoles, but Bohemia did the original OPF and then came out with the OPF: elite to follow-up with ARMA II (which everybody seems to be happy with at the moment). Us console players understand that the full ARMA game can't be ported....but a watered down version would still be very much enjoyable since there aren't many milsims on the consoles at the moment.
  2. UltraSur76

    Custom Xbox 360 Controller settings

    How's it going...I'm in the same boat as you I like playing with the 360 controller (which sometimes might seem sacrilege in these neck of the woods). I found a program that gives you quite a bit of freedom on setting up your controller for any particular game on the PC (below is a link if you want to check it out): http://www.pinnaclegameprofiler.com/ Once in the site go to the forums and check-out Official Profiles (you'll see a set-up for the original ARMA).
  3. I'm almost ready to build a new pc....yet (after going through the endless amount of posts) I'm still not sure whether I should go for i7 920 setup or Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 setup? Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. I'm thinking of building a new PC, below is what I'm thinking of so far, any suggestions would be appreciated: -ASUS P6T V2 1366 mobo. -Intel i7 920 -Corsair XMS3 tri channel 6GB - 1333mhz -Western Digital Caviar 500GB hard drive - EVGA 260 GTX overclocked edition -Ultra 750 watt PSU
  5. UltraSur76

    SP Mission: Operation Enable Sky

    I having trouble with the APC at the beginning....I get my unit in and pick a location on the map but we don't move. I try to find a way for me to drive the APC but no luck. I went through the manual several times but I can't find a solution.
  6. UltraSur76

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    Crutches for you...but more enjoyable and technical for me....different strokes for different folks mate.
  7. UltraSur76

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    I have the PC version and currently am using my 360 controller...and it's great ( I was able to map the lean feature to my d-pad...with an external software). I think the game would be a hit on the Xbox 360....especially online. I'm a bit discouraged going online now, via PC, because of all the posts of cheaters, TK, people using low res. so grass is off (and they can see you when you think your hidden), etc, etc....it would seem on the console there would be a leveled playing field.
  8. UltraSur76

    SP Mission: Sweep & Strike

    Just wanted to show my support....great mission. I also had a problem with the jets not showing up at the warehouse, I'll try 1.2 soon.
  9. UltraSur76

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    Thanks for the info...I'll give it a try. Though I can't figure-out why in the Laser mission I target the bridge, radio for the attack & nothing happens.....how long does it take or to you get a radio confirmation?
  10. UltraSur76

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    How did you get the bridge to blow up; sorry for the somewhat noob question. I target the bridge, call in for air strike but nothing happens? any help would be appreciated.
  11. UltraSur76

    Converted OFP SP Missions

    Thanks for these missions....top notch. Having a problem with the end of Clean Sweeps 1; i get to the rendezvous but the heli just hovers over me but doesn't get low enough so I can jump in...did I do something wrong?
  12. UltraSur76

    ArmA2 - The Xbox 360 thread

    The 360 controller can be more than adequate for this milsim. I currently have the PC version and messing around with the Pinnacle Software to try and get a good config. If you look at the 360 controller there are virtually 31 keys (if they use for instance the LB as a SHIFT key). And for game info you can DL to the HDD and have DLC off XBOX Live.
  13. UltraSur76

    Congratulations and thanks

    BIS damn you....you are requiring me to get a new graphic card (and psu of course).....to play this amazing game :ok:
  14. UltraSur76

    using an xbox 360 controller in the PC version

    Check the link below to see just how much you can add to the 360 controller (this is from Pinnacle software): http://www.pinnaclegameprofiler.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1358 I'm waiting for someone to putan updated Arma 2 user profile
  15. UltraSur76

    Insurgent Airfield CO10

    I'm completely new to Arma; I understand where to put the file how do I access it in game? edit: figured it out....i put this mission in wring folder.