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  1. Hi i got little problem about my ORBAT setting up and I would like to hear how to add assets to the ORBAT group that will be faded out. In other words I want to have ORBAT group show that it has some assets before but now it has like 50% of them just like it was in Tanks DLC campaign Altis Requiem. Do someone know how to do this? P.S. I am not sure if this belong here on in modding section of this forum
  2. dabel3

    Sopwith Camel

    Hi I using playwith six to download this addon and after the patch I don t see the planes. Did I missed thems or its not ready on playwith six?
  3. dabel3

    Ammo Crates

    not sure if it will be any help for you but you can use this exec "ammo.sqs" and it will work fine instead of this execVM "ammo.sqf"
  4. Hi, I got a problem I want to make a box that will be empty and player will start mission with limited ammo and some basic weapon. He will then start scavenge for some more things and everything he want to be in next mission he will store in that box of his. I want to make the script that will save everything that is in this ammo box in some other external file (like cache.sqs) where i can use it to call this script to fill this box by items that were inside it at the end of each mission. Is any way to make this work? I saw many post about save gear script that saves items inside some box and then when player die will respawn with that gear but thats not exactly what I looking for. Any help would be great and I am not skillfull scripter I can understand thems but are really bad in know-how to do one :)
  5. Yeah same for me i tried it in the training mission no lase no light isn t something to do with detail setings or something like that? becose in NFS: Underground 2 i got same problem with nitro steam (or how to say that its a steam going off your car and decreasing your nitro) when i have low settings i didn t see it at all only hear when i set settings on medium i see it without problem
  6. yeah you are right there isn t a way to drive car good enough to stay on the right side of the road and many times on the road itself but from 1.00 its a little bit better. About conversations its a bug i have that too and sometimes they talking chernarusians and some words they say in russian language (it happening with civilians , with soldiers they stick to their language)
  7. Does anybody know how to use this module properly? i want to do mission with cities that i must capture like in warfare (build a base,capture main bunker in the towns etc.) i look on the wiki but nothing there about this script maybe its something here but i can t find it too can somebodyy help? Some example "mini-mission" will be welcomed :)
  8. yeah i got the same problem and when you get thems to vehicle yourself (swith on thems and go to truck) and then somehow finnish the mission they still don t move in next mission maybe its problem in the end of mission that was before becose when i get to NAPA in the hut it teleports me to some castle without a word i am not sure if thats a feature or bug. :(
  9. Good game but need some patches that bugs freeking me out
  10. dabel3


    Somebody mentioned here ambient combat logic i gived it in editor and nothing happend i have active the civilian , civilian cars and animals too and they work i actualy see cars civilians no animals but i think i only miss thems but don t see any fight also SOM doesnt work for some reason i have version 1.00 so maybe thats the problem but maybe i only don t do something in editor can somebody explain somewhere how each of this module work and how to use them in 1 post? i saw only few of thems how to use thems but every of this explanation were tooo much separeted from itselfs :(