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  1. SimHQ.com has a session on Saturday afternoons. Info in their Arma forum. 4EST. Probably too late for you, but just letting you know.
  2. Love the mod and we still use it every week for our session. But I'll give one critique to the new release. The "leaves on the ground" texture used in Song Cu looks pretty bad and distracting IMO. When you are walking, it looks like you are skating over a bunch of neon colors. And it doesn't look natural with the surroundings when scanning for enemies. And where the texture ends into dirt, it looks like a sheet of ice. I much prefer the mix of Tanoa dirt/ground + plants seen in Da Krong.
  3. bonchie

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    Sure. The AI needs to feel more natural when you encounter them. As they are now, they are smart in many ways as far as detection goes, but they don't take cover well, if at all. They don't use buildings well. They are far too accurate in some situations. They often don't react in rational ways (staying still under fire, going prone and just sitting there, etc.). They don't work together well. It's not that they are bad, but the entire experience has gotten stale to me and it's very robotic. I know it's blasphemy to mention, but Dragon Rising's AI, even 8 years ago, had really good open world AI that many games could learn from. They'd take cover, they'd suppress, they'd move and bound with each other, they'd clear buildings, etc and they did so in a fluid, convincing way. Arma3's AI has improved greatly from past iterations, but it feels like a dead end to me at this point. No matter what tweaks they make, it always ends up lacking. If the AI is ever going to massively improve, it'll probably have to be a totally new system.
  4. bonchie

    Lost the ArmA 3 hype

    Until the AI gets a major rewrite or update that completely changes the nature of the gameplay, Arma3 will always have that feeling. I still play COOP once a week in a private session (we use addons, not the default future stuff), but it's mostly about the people I play, not Arma3 being awesome. And after every session, the number 1 thing that is most likely to of hurt our session is the AI.
  5. One session is Unsung Charlie. The other is our own mod-pack that's a mix of a bunch of stuff.
  6. What computers are some of you guys using? I get 40+ FPS on Tanoa. I make missions with 100+ AI assets routinely for our sessions and never have an issue. No one else ever complains either and I know some of them are using very budget GPUs. It looks pretty killer too, especially on a map like Tanoa that is done right. To me, the engine isn't an issue as much as lack of effort into content. We've been waiting for another long, well done campaign for more then a freaking decade now. I've resolved myself to the idea that it's just never going to come.
  7. They are pretty good these days. We use some dispersion tweaks to make them less "iron sight sniper" at longer distances in our mod-pack. The low-skill syndakit units are too accurate IMO at stock and we find that with our tweaks, things are still balanced enough to be challenging. I do enjoy using ASR when we play Unsung though. The AI move and flank better and respond to sound in much more intelligent ways. Part of me wonders why the stock AI isn't closer to what some of these mods are doing. I see little downside in our mission play throughs. Having AI that you can't count on to sit still is another dimension of gameplay. The only thing that can be an issue is AI vacating a target area early by responding to distant gunfire.
  8. So with Duong Island, are all the barren areas on the edges (which seemed to be 40% or so of the map) going to now be covered with the new foliage and more locations?
  9. bonchie

    APEX - what about ships?

    Nice video, but being part of a group that uses all those mod maps, none of them are on the level of Tanoa and many are butt ugly in comparison. BI really has raised the bar with Tanoa.
  10. bonchie

    Could the future setting have been done better?

    No. Had they went more sci-fi, it would of pissed even more people off. I personally think modern warfare is boring compared to the earlier eras. I'd rather have no scope and grainy NVGs then every last soldier having a scope and IR goggles. The fog of war is also less and less believable the further you push things into the future.
  11. I think some of those sounds were placeholders and they are continuing to redo the weapons for Charlie.
  12. bonchie

    Update 1.62 graphical issues

    Turn the view distance down. Unless you are flying, there's no reason to have it higher then 1500. That's been the easiest way to solve FPS for our group. Especially when playing on Tanoa or playing Unsung, a limited view distance makes no difference at all. As to Apex, none of us have observed lower FPS since it's release. Most have seen better FPS since 1.60.
  13. See this thread: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/192490-no-entry-binconfigbincfgweaponssingle/ This was what was wrong with our missions. It has to do with BIS changing the weapon's config or something with apex. So mods that use custom weapons will give that error and kick you back to the lobby. BUT if you try to load the mission a 2nd time (do not stop the server, just re-select the mission and go), it'll work. We can confirm this workaround works. As for the revive system causing issues, that's likely as well, but our missions use AIS wounding system and we had already stripped out the BI revive language so that wasn't a variable for us.
  14. Makes sense. We have a template we use that has a description.ext that predates apex. So that's probably it. We'll do some testing and see if it fixes our issues. I'll let you guys know.
  15. Am I missing something with the campaign? When we play the first mission, there's no cutscene before, no explanation of who "keystone" is, etc. Should I be seeing something?