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  1. This dream is much likely to become true. Not immediately, but I just say it is likely to become true.
  2. Thats a nice camo pattern Fortran
  3. Hello I am currently working on a Izmash submachine gun from scratch. To introduce you: The following versions are planned: Atm I am solving the LODS, Parallex Maps and Configuration. Status atm: 40% I will update the ticker above regulary, so make sure you keep tuning in! I am always open for critism, positive as negative. And two screens : Hope making addons is appreciated, Regards
  4. Alright, thanks a lot for your advice, thats a lot appreciated, I will keep you in mind and come back at you by time.
  5. Hello back, I originally modded a little for GRAW 2 and there were Polycounts within 10.000-20.000 for a gun in the first person normal. The model has 17059 Polygons. Of course I did make that, i'll set my tag next time under it. I am talking about Parallex Mapping. I've heard that in some games they requiere a very detailed model (above 30.000+) to get a good Parallex Texture for the low poly version of the model. Since this model has 17059 Polygons and I've not tryed Parallex Mapping out yet, I wanted to share my doubts
  6. Hello people, I have got a problem in this particular situation: Does anyone have any idea?
  7. Hello, I had a old model of a Vitaz© submachinegun made couple of times ago and I thought that its time to bring it into ArmA II. I am making the textures now but I am not sure if I am releasing it, as it is may too undetailed for ArmA II's request of simulation.