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  1. will there be Battleeye avaible for IF44?
  2. is it possible to get back the score and stuff its ?? since the gamespy update and looks weired. -block direct chat when player is on lobby - block chat if all player´s are in lobby.
  3. another update: Some Missions got added. ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_berezino.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_elektrozavodsk.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_green_mountain.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_kozlovka.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_rogovo.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_sobor.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_staroye.chernarus.pbo ch128_berzerk_v2_beta84_zelenogorsk.chernarus.pbo
  4. i crawled my MP missionschache and found 0.85 unedited Missions directly from Zaphod. and full credited by himself. due we did shut down the "Project reality Server" i opend a Server for ArmA 2 1.11 which does run this Missions. Servername is: DAO.nu PVP Berzerk 1.11 with 128 Slots. the Server contains following Missions ch128_berzerk_v2_vybor.chernarus.pbo the Download could be found at our Website DAO.nu edit: I got right now from Zaphod a new file vybor,some other Missions and the order to delete all other stuff what is arround.
  5. yes please make the Battleye text RED
  6. we Just have finished our Website to make it Possible to translate XML Stringtables in each avaible language. u can see it here: http://xml.dao.nu/ if u want to see your Stringtable there to, just respond to this Thread or send me a email to Kochleffel(a)dao.nu
  7. Kochleffel


    this is finished and running not official and was developed by someone writing very much on this forum, but i dont think he wants to publish it..
  8. question, can u with this new feature run maxping from the lobby? so a highpinger doenst come trough the game and desync all Player´s cause of JIP.
  9. Kochleffel

    Script Hackers (Need Help)

    if u wanna Allow v2, your Mods which u wanna have on your server should be v2 to. JSRS isnt v2 compatible atm for example
  10. Kochleffel

    1.60 beta issues [only]

    this one is sooo old.. http://dev-heaven.net/issues/6406 wanna see it in 1.60 :mad:
  11. Kochleffel

    Arma2 Network Protocol

    thats not what he means... u have to begin way earlier for example the signatures he used etc.
  12. Hey There, i have a Problem with the mod UnlockDifficultyOptions_Configuration_C_OA_PROPER.pbo it should be a serverside mod to set the default difficulty to that what i want to have, for example veteran. but i dont get this workin. its related to this: http://dev-heaven.net/issues/21614 if someone knows a solution, without using a fixed rotation to set vetern by default let it me know.
  13. Kochleffel

    Server default difficulty

    i tested a lot of arround with that addon but got no access so far...
  14. we got the same on DAO, banned out some ips but there come new ones.
  15. Kochleffel

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    is it possible to get sounds for opening doors in houses?
  16. still wont work at all... http://dev-heaven.net/issues/21614
  17. thats already 3rd Party solved but not published yet. here a video what it does to.
  18. agreed, but please human readable
  19. Kochleffel

    ARMA2 Free - Server Files

    if u run a Server with Mods, Free clients cant see the Server!
  20. I Just wanna know, we at DAO, hosting the Free Version from the start and count alone on our Mirror ~1500 Downloads, i cant say it exactly cause i had a reboot in this time could be over 2000 but, when i check the Playeramount on http://arma2.swec.se/server/list i cannot really see that we got a massive plus, so where they are?
  21. make it possible to not only log the GUID and timestamp to the banfile add GUID | TIMESTAMP | REASON | NAME (curret of ban) | IP (curret of ban)
  22. DAO already switched with the release of V2, we resigned all mods including 3rd Party.
  23. The Valhalla developer obscured the code for only one reason: if someone takes the conzept and does changes which are not planned and it falls back on him. the Missions are over an Month final state and have no obscured code its comented code and a "used mods.txt" was alway´s included and i asked each modder Personally if its allowed to use his code.... here u can take a look inside of it if u want. http://fs.dao.nu/ check the missions shortcut. and if there is a question about the stolen overtaken whatever question. this was discussed with BI today and should be solved. i hope Dwarden will reply to this.
  24. uhm, all i want is to get Veteran by default, my regual setting seems like veteran but the mod seems not to be workin.