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  1. Lincoln1stFJ

    The Undead Mod

    Are any servers running this lately?
  2. Lincoln1stFJ

    New Medal of Honor game trailer

    Maybe it will have lean and in doing so will be infinitely better than MW2 as a matter of general principle.
  3. Lincoln1stFJ

    Coop Zombie Mod

    Yup, we need a zombie mod
  4. Lincoln1stFJ

    I need this statement explained.

    lol moral right? Authorship? The code was authored by BIS and arranged by some self-important developers with a stick up their ...well you know. It's ok. We already have a stat saving prototype. Easier than I thought.
  5. Lincoln1stFJ

    I need this statement explained.

    An raise awarness that there is a wider RPG community within A2 that requires some love from developers. ...not control.
  6. Lincoln1stFJ

    I need this statement explained.

    Good luck man - snobs take great pride in making other people bust. If you are not part of their inner circle you will only get to play for a short while before being banned for refusing to pay a 2000 ticket for making a u-turn in the middle of nowhere. What a pathetic self-centered community they are. ---------- Post added at 03:06 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:59 PM ---------- Let me explain it to you. You don't have to viciously control the mechanism that saves stats / settings. A mySQL database could be setup that would allow other servers to access stats saving. This way your e-peen stays rubbery. It would also be theoretically less taxing on the server. But that would make sense and why should we expect you and your community to do anything that makes sense and is not narcissistic? Your attitude will mean the eventual death of your community.
  7. Lincoln1stFJ

    Chernarus Life vs. City Life (2?)

    I'll be checking it out then :)
  8. Anyone remember AllSeeingEye? That worked for tons of games.
  9. Lincoln1stFJ

    Multiplayer rant/suggestions

    I'm willing to be the original OP would burst into flames if he ever played any RPG scenarios. I hear one has to download more patience. It's alot of fun...but it's also a lot of work. If you give it a go, try to team up with other civs. Don't play cop at first.
  10. Lincoln1stFJ

    I need this statement explained.

    If no one actually benefits financially then what's the big deal if someone uses it to create something different? Saying "I made this" -vs- "I modded this?" If every decision for a greater good was A /= B, nothing would ever get accomplished. Besides, imitation is the single best form of flattery. I'd revel in the fact that the community is itching to enjoy my scenario and would do everything in my power to ensure the community was served. Instead they are worried about evil masterarray.sqf boogiemen who will change the paycheck amount from $10 to $1000 and alter the "copyright" notice on line one of every single script. I just don't buy the 'protecting' our mission crap. I find the notion of controlling freely available code an impossibility, and thus laughable. So lemme get this straight - we can't use the discussion forums to discuss this? Why exactly?
  11. Lincoln1stFJ

    Chernarus Life vs. City Life (2?)

    Will City Life be as cop-sided as Chernarus Life?
  12. Lincoln1stFJ


    Ok so the real big boy would be to stitch Chernarus and Sahrani together so we could have full on national conflict...or is that what we're talking about here?
  13. This seems pretty cool. Should be pretty easy to model a C-RAM Anti-Mortar System.
  14. Is the path the same for steam users?
  15. Lincoln1stFJ

    I need this statement explained.

    Alright, yet for all intents and purposes, we use the code as an open source license would allow, practically speaking. I'm glad we agree on this because it's my major point. Asides from posting on the forums; how else are players supposed to communicate with the community? Telepathy? I respect hard work and perceived ownership, no matter how feeble. I am stating that there is huge demand for a stat saving CL package that a trusted server admin can run on their server. So why not give the community what it wants?