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  1. ARMA is far too complex to have all of its controls mapped to a gamepad, it struggles enough with a keyboard.
  2. Meek

    Render To Texture + Scopes = ???

    If frame-rate is an issue, wouldn't it make sense to reduce the frame-rate of everything except the scope?
  3. Meek

    Vehicle Quality

    I can understand that BIS would want to focus their efforts elsewhere, but I think they should at least make it easy for modders to do the sort of stuff discussed in this thread.
  4. Somehow I don't think there will be any change to the infantry, but I wouldn't be surprised if the vehicles (aircraft in particular) got full 6DoF.
  5. Jython (Python) support, fuck yeah! I tried to get into modding before, but being a pretentious Python coder, I just couldn't adapt to ARMA2's weird scripting language. First thing I'll do when ARMA 3 hits: write a Pythonic library to help Python coders not kill themselves dealing with Java-style APIs.
  6. Meek

    Indicator (vehicles)

    Considering VBS2 has this feature, I don't see why we don't have it already.
  7. Meek

    Statistic tracking for arma 3

    No. Firstly, it doesn't work well with the type of game ArmA is, since it's slow-paced and tactical, it would be impossible for the system to assign a score based on how "good" a player is. Secondly, leaderboards and such always get hacked to a point where they are nearly worthless.
  8. Meek

    More Simulation vs Amount of vehicles?

    Take the DCS series for example, each of the games only really focuses on one specific vehicle and has an extremely accurate simulation of it. ArmA2 doesn't (and probably shouldn't) go that far, but it would be nice to see features such as being able to open doors of cars, shoot from windows, 6DoF, being able to duck down, being able to see through those small windows that the armoured vehicles sometimes have.
  9. Meek

    Underwater Warfare?

    Even Sonic the Hedgehog has that.
  10. Meek

    I think we can all agree... optimization

    You are clearly not a programmer.
  11. The series has had that feature for awhile, hasn't it?
  12. I'm a huge fan of Python, I use it often to write web applications. A lot of people complain about indentation in Python, and then use indentation in their favourite language.
  13. With ragdolls, you have instances like in that picture, where it looks a little weird, it doesn't happen often. With baked animations, most of the time it looks very out of place, and when explosions or vehicle collisions are involved it looks extremely out of place. Personally, I'd prefer occasionally encountering odd ragdoll positions.
  14. Meek


    You can run PhysX on the CPU. But really, it's going to be released about a year from now, is it really too hard to upgrade accordingly?
  15. Meek


    I'm wondering what type of things PhysX is used for. In VBS2, PhysX is used for more "complex" vehicles (such as a trailer or something attached to the back of a vehicle), as well as for fast-roping. Anything else? how deeply is it implemented, will all animations be directly tied into it? Just death animations?