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  1. Thanks rstratton! You pointed me into the right direction.
  2. Cyborg11

    ArmA 2 Retail, OA Steam

    Look at this thread.
  3. Cyborg11


    Can I play the campaign in Coop with my friend or is it only a singleplayer campaign?
  4. Cyborg11

    Would you like ToH features in ARMA2+OA

    Yes I want this of course!
  5. Yes, you have to configure your new virtual joystick :P Run the script, go ingame, go to your aircraft analogue throttle and press Q/Z till you see your PPJoy virtual axis. After that remove your Q/Z button. :D
  6. You have to enable the test mode and then you can install PPJoy. You can't disable the test mode otherwise PPJoy won't work anymore. In my GlovePIE: Zoom with your Mousewheel is a tutorial :)
  7. Here is the GlovePIE script: if (!var.init) PPJoy1.Analog0 = 0 var.init = true endif if (Key.Q) PPJoy1.Analog0 = PPJoy1.Analog0 + 0.1 Wait 200ms endif if (Key.Z) if (PPJoy1.Analog0 > 0) PPJoy1.Analog0 = PPJoy1.Analog0 - 0.1 endif Wait 200ms endif debug = PPJoy1.Analog0 If you want I can add shortcuts for the throttle: - Shift + 1 : 10% - Shift + 2 : 20% - ... - Shift + 0 : 100% Or some other key combinations :)
  8. I don't know if you can do that with mapping your Q / Z button to an axis :) I can write you a GlovePIE script that does exactly what you want. :cool:
  9. If you don't have a script till tomorrow I'll write one for you. :cool:
  10. Virtual Joystick (PPJoy) axis which increases by 0.1 or decreases by 0.1 if you press Q / Y :) Not very hard to do this.
  11. Cyborg11

    Wind blow

    With setWind :)
  12. Cyborg11

    ArmA II Stargate Mod

    Try this link :cool:
  13. Did I miss something or haven't you finished the teaser? :p