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    Compatible with VOPsound?
  2. From the "scenarios" menu. But even in Preview, the tasks/notes would at least show up on the map, if not display a full briefing, but they do neither.
  3. I've tried just about everything, hunting through threads for possible solutions, but even after all these steps can't make the briefing appear. I made the notes and tasks show up on the player's map once, but I've never been able to make a briefing screen come up pre-mission. I've compared my own briefings against those of others, put the code in the init.sqf, and still nothing works. What's probably most distressing is that other code put in the init.sqf works perfectly; I realize this means there's probably an issue with the briefing itself, but the one in question hasn't been altered since I got it to show up on the player's map. I can post the init/briefing if anyone wants to offer some help.
  4. Or, rather, the "Combat" archetype of Wizard-produced missions. While I'm perfectly able to create a fairly complex mission on my own, the game's mission creation Wizard (under Scenarios/"My Missions" in the game's menu) is a ridiculously easy way to create some very basic scenarios in minimal time - the Combat mission, in particular, has grabbed my interest. However, you're unable to change the units in the player's squad, like you are in the other missions types. Is there any way to do so?
  5. I'm fairly new to scripting, and so I was wondering, if I wanted to force infantry units to spawn with different weapons than they normally would spawn with, what would I need to do?
  6. The "unassign" command didn't work properly (probably a mistake on my part), and while the Eject command did have the squad Parachute in rather than wait for the chopper to land (which was pretty cool, but unfortunately caused the entire squad to be wounded on hitting the ground). However, I was looking at the BIS Scripting Wiki, and after some experimentation i found that the "commandGetOut" and "doGetOut" commands work perfectly for an insertion.
  7. I'm pretty noobish when it comes to scripting/editing, and I think this is a fairly obvious question: I was doing a helicopter insertion for a SP mission; the player is accompanied by AI, and I wanted to have them get out on their own rather than just sit there and have to be manually told by the player to disembark. So how would I go about making the AI (a 7 man rifle squad) automatically disembark from the chopper once it reached the insertion point?
  8. thanks, I really mean it :) with any luck, I've slightly reduced my noobishness
  9. so then, it's something that I've got to create?
  10. I sound utterly like a noob when I say this, but I can't for the life of me locate the init.sqf file that is constantly referred to in tutorials on how to make briefings and such. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  11. I think I might've found a bug: because of this addon (things worked perfectly before and after I had it installed) when you're supposed to be inserted via chopper, they generally drop you from at least 50 feet in the air to your inevitable death rather than something like 5 feet, perhaps because of the pilots' new-found fear of trees? Otherwise, this is pretty awesome :)
  12. all we need is some rebels and this'll be one of the best mods I've seen yet.
  13. Pl4t0

    SP Mission: Sweep & Strike

    I thought that it was a fantastic mission, you obviously have some great experience. The insurgents actually FELT LIKE insurgents. We need more Mission-Crafters like you.
  14. Pl4t0

    STEAM troubleshooting

    a fairly minor and not-so-aggravating bug (or else I'm doing something horribly wrong) but when I die, and I've set my teammates to be playable in the editor, and I click "Team Switch" I'm not given any options whatsoever.