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  1. Never mind, I tried using my brain for once and got it to work. Nice work this!
  2. suveraan

    [camp] p i r o g

    Just finished the first mission of the Chesty Puller campaign and loved it so this is good news, indeed! By the way, didnt you create a couple of campaigns for Combat Mission Shock Force too? "Bagpipe for Camels" or something like that? Loved that one anyway... :)
  3. Yeah, Im running cba too, actually. Im going to try out another very simple mission and see if it works. Thanks for the, extremely, fast answer, though! :)
  4. Hey, great mod as Ive already said and its getting better all the time but I got one question I couldnt find the answer for. Im having trouble getting GL4 to kick in when im running a mission on a dedicated server and I cant figure out why. Is there a known solution for this? Tried both having it start as default and using the module in the mission and i have gl4 on the server so i dont know what im doing wrong here?
  5. This would be golden! Its the only thing im missing in GL4 at the moment.
  6. Found this in another thread. Works great for customizing the module. Paste it into your INIT.SQF and make sure the module is named BIS_ACM. And remove the classes you dont want. // BIS_ACM is module name. waitUntil {!isNil {BIS_ACM getVariable "initDone"}}; waitUntil {BIS_ACM getVariable "initDone"}; sleep 5; // Sets frequency and number of patrols (between 0 and 1. 0 is lowest and 1 is highest). // Default: 0.5 // [1, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setIntensityFunc; // Min/max spawn distance. // Default: 500, 1000 // [bIS_ACM, 800, 1500] call BIS_ACM_setSpawnDistanceFunc; // Factions to be spawned. Pick from: USMC, CDF, RU, INS, GUE. // Default: "USMC", "CDF", "RU", "INS", "GUE" // [["INS", "GUE", "CDF", "RU"], BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setFactionsFunc; // Min/max skill range for spawned units (from 0 to 1. 0 is lowest and 1 is highest). // Default skill levels are based on difficulty setting. // cadet mode: 0, 0.5 // Other difficulty settings: 0.3, 0.9 // [0, 0.5, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setSkillFunc; // Min/max amount of ammo that units will possess (From 0 to 1. 0 is lowest and 1 is highest). // Default 1, 1 // [0.1, 0.5, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setAmmoFunc; // Type of patrol. With 0 meaning no chance of appearing, and 1 meaning 100% chance. -1 removes patrol type completely. // Default: 0.75 // ["ground_patrol", 1, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setTypeChanceFunc; // Type of patrol. With 0 meaning no chance of appearing, and 1 meaning 100% chance. -1 removes patrol type completely. // Default: 0.25 // ["air_patrol", 0, BIS_ACM] call BIS_ACM_setTypeChanceFunc; // Add classes to a custom database and use that instead. // You can pass both actual CfgGroups Config entries or class name Strings. // [(Module name), (Array of classes)] call BIS_ACM_addGroupClassesFunc; // Default: Not configured, which means all classes will be used. // [bIS_ACM, ["USMC_TankPlatoon", "INS_TankSection", "RU_TankPlatoon", "GUE_TankSection"]] call BIS_ACM_addGroupClassesFunc; // Remove classes from the custom class database during a mission. //[bIS_ACM, ["INS_TankSection"]] call BIS_ACM_removeGroupClassesFunc; // // Leave array empty to switch back to all classes: // Example: [bIS_ACM, []] call BIS_ACM_removeGroupClassesFunc; // All classes are shown below. /* // USMC USMC_InfSquad USMC_FireTeam USMC_FireTeam_MG USMC_FireTeam_AT USMC_FireTeam_Support USMC_HeavyATTeam USMC_SniperTeam USMC_FRTeam USMC_FRTeam_Razor USMC_MotInfSection USMC_MotInfSection_AT USMC_MechInfSquad USMC_MechReconSection USMC_TankPlatoon USMC_AH1ZSquadron USMC_UH1YSquadron USMC_MV22Squadron USMC_MQ9Squadron USMC_F35Squadron USMC_AV8BFighterSquadron USMC_AV8BBomberSquadron // CDF CDF_InfSquad CDF_InfSquad_Weapons CDF_InfSection_AT CDF_InfSection_AA CDF_InfSection_MG CDF_InfSection_Patrol CDF_SniperTeam CDF_MotInfSquad CDF_MotInfSection CDF_MotInfSection_Weapons CDF_MechInfSquad CDF_MechReconSection CDF_MechATSection CDF_TankPlatoon CDF_Mi24DSquadron CDF_Mi8Squadron // RU RU_InfSquad RU_InfSection RU_InfSection_AT RU_InfSection_AA RU_InfSection_MG RU_SniperTeam RUS_ReconTeam MVD_AssaultTeam RU_MotInfSquad RU_MotInfSection_Recon RU_MotInfSection_Patrol RU_MechInfSquad_1 RU_MechInfSquad_2 RU_TankPlatoon RU_Mi24VSquadron RU_Mi24PSquadron RU_Pchela1TSquadron RU_Ka52Squadron RU_Mi8Squadron RU_Su34FighterSquadron // INS INS_InfSquad INS_InfSquad_Weapons INS_InfSection_AT INS_InfSection_AA INS_SniperTeam INS_MilitiaSquad INS_MotInfSquad INS_MotInfSection INS_MechInfSquad INS_MechInfSection INS_MechInfSection_AT INS_TankSection INS_Mi8Squadron // GUE GUE_InfSquad GUE_InfSquad_Assault GUE_InfSquad_Weapons GUE_InfTeam_1 GUE_InfTeam_2 GUE_InfTeam_AT GUE_GrpInf_TeamAA GUE_GrpInf_TeamSniper GUE_MilitiaSquad GUE_MotInfSection GUE_MotInfSquad GUE_MechInfSection GUE_MechInfSquad GUE_TankSection // CIV (Not supported with ACM) CIV_Crowd CIV_City_1 CIV_City_2 CIV_Village_1 CIV_Village_2 */
  7. suveraan

    SJB SAS Pack

    Very, very nice indeed!
  8. thanks, downloaded it and will try it out in a couple of hours. ill give some feedback later.
  9. This sounds really cool, Meatball0311. Any chance you could post a simple examplemission because I cant get it to work for the life of me :)
  10. quick question: will gl4 affect units spawned by the secondary ops module and ambient combat module if ive synced the system to a manually placed unit already on the map? great work by the way!
  11. Here is a quick example. If you want to add a Stingerlauncher and a missile to a soldier you have placed on the map just add this in the soldiers initialization this addmagazine "stinger"; this addweapon "stinger";