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  1. dvolk

    Slow Time Acceleration

    That's interesting... ArmA bullet time.
  2. Why are you using present tense? Patches so far are like spiting into the ocean as far as the campaign is concerned. It's like OFP in that vague sense but in no other sense whatsoever. OFP had something like 40 tightly scripted missions and ArmA 2 has maybe 5 small and 5 big sandbox missions that are so extremely bugged playing them is an exercise in pure frustration. It's also disappointingly short when you account for the time you spent replaying because of bugs.I guess BIS should be glad that reviewers only play an hour or two because the campaign holds its own in the beginning. If reviewers actually tried to finish games ArmA 2 would get a lot of 1/10s.
  3. The campaign is horrible. Even if it worked--and it doesn't--it's still plain bad. And I thought the ArmA 1 campaign was pretty entertaining. The few included missions are decent but nothing to write home about. The key to single player is downloaded missions (I recommend the ports from OFP) and messing around in the editor. Thanks to modules like Ambient Combat and Secondary Ops you can just drop them in and have some emergent fun. It's not as satisfying as a well designed mission, but it passes the time.
  4. When ACM is enabled, it's good to spawn some AA static defences (or US launchers ammo crate). ACM seems to love spawning enemy helicopters.
  5. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    You make some good points, but the trees I disagree with. Trees are very solid things and can shrug off a truck crashing into them that destroys the truck. In ArmA 2 it's like trees aren't even there. Of course deep down we all know BIS made it like that because the AI can't drive.
  6. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    Now why would I lie to you ;) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vacuously_true ---------- Post added at 01:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:51 PM ---------- whisper: you're missing the point, probably because I stated it badly. OFP is 8 years old. I played it in the beginning of high school. I grew up. OFP didn't. :(
  7. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    Well if there wasn't any grass then the AI certainly didn't see through it eh? (you need to know some mathematical logic to appreciate that joke :))
  8. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    Well sorry guys but I'm just not seeing much improvement over OFP. At least in OFP trees weren't made out of paper. and there was no Warfare in single player where people/tanks/airplanes spawn out of thin air. and the campaign wasn't scripted so you died if you went out of a certain area, nor did your commander instantly know what you did across the map. in OFP your squad members weren't special snowflakes... AI didn't see through grass (;)) Headshots were always lethal. I could go on forever. ArmA: Nice graphics, improved helicopter handling, but bad everything else.
  9. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    More than one? Yeah, FOUR. BTW the ridiculous healing system is there on all difficulty levels. Oh look mate a sniper rifle blew your leg off. Come here I'll wave my hands around and you'll be as new in jiffy!
  10. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    The point is that the same could have been said of the OFPDR E3 preview (easier difficulty, etc). None of you did, however.
  11. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    Put the difficulty on recruit, place Cooper and FR corpsman and shoot Cooper in the face with M9 SD. I guarantee you'll find the same thing as in the video.
  12. What's with the omnipresent hen and cow sounds while fast travelling? Why is the fourth man in the M1A2 always turned out?
  13. You guys didn't have NVG? I'm pretty sure I always had them in that mission :/
  14. dvolk

    Forming strategic level units

    Basically, no.
  15. dvolk

    Realism, arma 2,

    You can survive 3 headshots in ArmA 2 and there's magickal healing, and you're complaining about unrealistic sights?