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    Trouble importing weapon

    Ive tried multiple things, including just using the tutorial files that came with it and not changing anything. all result in the same messed up arms. I do get this error tho while in the loadout manager is it related to my problem? I think I'm very close to having it all figured out just need to get over this hump
  2. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    Yes you are correct. I figured this out last night importing a gun from another file and fixing my gun to that position . This quickly fixed the funky positioning. But I've somehow now messed the hand animation up again though and they're going all crazy. I think I'm pretty close to getting it figured out. Just some more messing with it when I get home from work. And I'm sorry, you guys are right it turns out Zach's tutorial is not lacking yet I was misunderstanding some steps. Just new to this whole thing
  3. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    Yeah I've got the same model.cfg he said to have with the .rtm I've not tried without binarizing. Ive gotten the arms right now its just the gun in the sky Also, I'm using everything from ArmA tools from steam.
  4. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    do you mean like this? class CfgWeapons { class Rifle_Long_Base_F {}; class og_rifle_krag_base: Rifle_Long_Base_F { Also is the inheritance why the rifle is why up in the sky?
  5. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    I re did the hand anim and it is looking right now except the gun is still in the air, as well it still saying cannot load texture. and can you give me an example of how my config should look with just the weapon and class part you are talking about?
  6. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    Okay noted, I've restructured the folder configuration. Also i made the rtm in Object builder from Arma tools. The hidden selection is named as Krag in object builder. is the hidden selection actually necessary? I only have one gun and theres no variations its very basic. I'm sure your questions 4, and 5 are where I'm messing up because I'm not quite sure how to answer those. Could you explain just briefly what you mean by inheriting a class and base for the rifle?
  7. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    So here's my new config, I don't get the texture loading crash to desktop anymore. but the texture won't load in the editor anymore. and I still have an animation issue. I do have a model config as well.
  8. dxfan01

    Trouble importing weapon

    I used the template from "Zach Gibson's weapon tutorial" but its kind of outdated and not very good at explaining everything. He provided the rtm with instructions to set it up to my weapon. I'll adjust the folder structure, and the said issues with config, just a little confused on what you mean by there's no model within the config? are you saying I haven't specified where the model is?
  9. Hi I'm trying to import my Krag rifle model into the game but ran into this. can anybody tell me what causes this? I'm also wondering whats the way to make this properly bolt action I'm a little confused on that in the config. Upon loading ingame I get this error and it will CTD. Any help making the config right would be appreciated because the tutorial I used wasnt very good at explaining things. (note i have not changed the magazine and ammo configs at the bottom yet because am unsure how to make those for bolt action)
  10. Here's a screenshot i took a couple months ago using this mod For Those Who Can't Get it to Work and you can get a working version here http://speedskater.ru/download/arccvid/EMBserie_for_MSFS.rar all you need to do is drop the .dll and .ini in the ArmA 2 root is the pic too big?
  11. dxfan01

    Brittany map

    Is this the same map 31st Normandy Mod uses?
  12. They could do earplugs like ACE has..
  13. Man Dredge, I see you everywhere... OnT: This looks so good, I hope it's coming out how you guys planned.
  14. I'm making a machinima and I need to do a paradrop with a lot of units like D-day is there a script for this or can some show me?
  15. dxfan01


    Guys, no reason to argue if you want the map that bad download PR when it comes out and then delete the unnecessary pbo's.