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  1. koroush47

    Why is this game not more popular?

    "- Lack of dedicated servers for online PvP games?" Is why I'm pissed.
  2. http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f380-project-reality-news/77777-project-reality-arma2.html So it seems like the guys who made project reality for BF2 are moving over to the better arma 2 engine to make a PR arma 2 mod. I'm slightly excited, and on their forums we have alot of guys buying arma 2 waiting for the release. Expect new blood in multiplayer. Now I know there is a thread about this already. I made this thread to ask : How do you guys feel about this? And Will you play it?
  3. koroush47

    Quick Question: "Grenade Launchers"

    I got owned by one guy before. Yeah.
  4. koroush47

    Lowest CPU in use

    Is it hard when you notice the choppy gameplay.
  5. koroush47

    New 64 player US Berzerk server

    We need more 100 men servers. 64 men? BLAH!
  6. koroush47

    Nvidia SLI or 5870 for ArmA 2?

    SLI is a gimmick really. It is only like a 20 percent increase in performance. So your money is going to waste. Get the single card solution.
  7. koroush47

    How mod-able is this game?

    very moddable.
  8. koroush47

    Do I want this game?

    I think it's fun....
  9. koroush47

    PC Discussion Thread - All PC related in here.

    Is this game more GPU oriented or CPU? I have a 4870x2... and a Intel Quad 2.8ghz stock. I am debating to buy a second /or Better GPU... Or get a 50 dollar Coolermaster V8 and be able to overclock my quad to like 4ghz. I'm going with the CPU.... any help guys?
  10. koroush47

    I love how BIS cares about us.

    There is not sarcasm you dolt! We just got a new update... 1.4 I come from quake wars which only got like 2 patches. EDIT: Stability: Fixed CTD caused by Voice Over Net when many players were speaking simultaneously and other stability problems
  11. Thank you BIS for the continued patches and updates. We love you guys very much ( no homo )
  12. koroush47

    Grass on or off?

    Only in close range.
  13. You might believe that... but if you are looking for rambo killing... then getting an automatic rifle will most likely get you more kills. I for one actually team work. I mark the enemy tanks for the attack helis and guide them to their target. I use ventrillo to tell the team which direction APCs or squads are moving in from.. I occasionally team up w/ one of the regulars at berzerk and give them cover fire while they move up to capture points. And anything else that comes my way. If I wanted random sniper rambo action... I would just play BF2. Then it is ruined by some guy who just glances in my direction.. and shoots me. I wouldn't even have to fire a bullet or move, because that is how obvious the snipers are in this game.
  14. koroush47

    Miltary Bases on Chernarus??

    Yes I've seen that one! hehe
  15. koroush47

    Reflector sights?

    Cool video, i never knew aimdots did that.