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  1. Notepad++ not tried editing yet, but seems to load it fine T.Y.
  2. Dam can't remember why I needed to change this, I have been Bug Testing for my Game Design course recently so there must be a bug in it somewhere that I spotted. Will have to re-check it and get back to you... UPDATE Yeah it was bugs (spelling) that I was wanting to correct. This is with or without trying to open it in UTF. Textpad used as program, which should so it as it is designed too.

    CPU Xeon - not supported?

    Na I got a 480 too and it is not that big an improvement, but then again I have maxed every setting out.

    BAF: Merlin Transport Mission.

    Yes I am also very impressed with it; that Scenario was awesome, we were under fire and everything.

    Fatigue from own bullets - no thanks!

    If your daft enough to shoot at a wall at point blank, you could say you got grit in your eye from the stone particles ricochet.

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    We got any mirrors for the fix yet, as BI's download times out due to server load... Will answer my own question just up http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=patches&id=39

    ArmA2:Oa Patch 1.54 released!

    My installs totally screwed there was no mention of needing a patch before installing BAF cheers.
  8. Stick it on the Tracker as a Suggestion, very good idea.
  9. Thats confusing it won't even let me put an empty UH-60M down, it used to last time I used the editor?

    OPForce or BLUForce?

    Well Blufor when Arma2: BAF comes out because I am British.

    British Troops DLC released & Official 1.01 Update

    When will Arma 2: BAF be available for Pre-Order on Sprocket?
  12. Moderators must be on holiday, I had a post closed that was less ridiculious than this. Other have pretty much posted the reasons why; so no need to comment further, other than close this thread please :)

    Do you want upgraded Arma 2 content?

    We paid for A2OA so I would agree that if BIS updated the A2 stuff and released it free, it should be dependant on the user buying A2OA then we won't feel like we bought A2OA and got ripped off. Though you could argue we still got the campaign and missions in A2OA. It would be nice to have all older A2 and even original Arma, A2OA capable as this would enable bigger multi-team missions to be made. Just thought... with BIS mixing the forums, kind of states they want us to treat A2 and A2OA as one game, so yeah update all content to A2OA standards. The money from A2 BAF could be used to fund it. UPDATED: Looking into A2 BAF it looks like they are bringing across some Factions with only a few differences.

    Admins: PLEASE ALLOW @ACEX_SM!!!!

    Alot of people prefer the Official Content and allow custom sounds that may or may not be heard easier would give an unfair advantage.
  15. You got a very good point there, in other threads they discuss things like Community been broken because of the Expansion and soon to be DLC. So the question we should be asking here is where is the Official Community? as in people who just run Officially Released content.