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  1. Ez3kiel

    Multiplayer - Connection Failed!

    yep having the same probleme here. I can only join by typing the IP adress of the server...not really easy. I try to launch it with virtual xp sp2 but doesnt work also. Its unable to create the client and i cant host a game.
  2. Ez3kiel

    Patch 1.05 suggestions

    Make the ctf community back
  3. I find this type of missions really interesting, but unfortunatly too buggy...again:mad::mad::mad:(f*** team razor, can't help?). Hope this will be fixed with the patch 1.3 (and the campaign too :D)
  4. Ez3kiel

    Bug Mission Razor 2

    nope man, i bought the game. I think its just a graphic bug. is it what FADE is supposed to do? I though it was only modifying aiming.
  5. Ez3kiel

    Bug Mission Razor 2

    Same mission, 3rd visual problems. Do i need glasses or do you see the same thing as me
  6. In Misison Razor 2, the one with the drone, here is what i have in the middle of the mission First time i did the mission, i used the drone first then when i exit drone, had a black/white display (not like this one). I restarted the mission, then can't use the drone (was destroyed ??), i used the chopper, and then got this type of screen. :(:(:(
  7. i have the same probleme from play.com. its the last time i order on this shop. really bad service, and i think they lied last week (17th) when they said it was on stock.
  8. Can someone tell me if i buy the game on play.com (english site), will i have the french language included (at least menu and subtitles)?? Finally found my answer here : http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=72981&highlight=arma2+multi+language&page=2
  9. Ez3kiel


    Thanks for the precision. Do you have an explanation about this post :
  10. I finally ordered #2 (with a nice case to forgot the i7 :j:). Thanx for your help. Hope i made the good choice.
  11. Ok if you were me, what would you buy between those 3 rigs (its a config specially for arma2). I will play on 1600*1050 1. i7 920 3GB DDR3 Asus P6T + Saphire 4890Toxic (approx 1200€ with screen) 2. Q9550 4GB DDR2 Asus P5Q Pro + Saphire 4890Toxic (approx 1100€ with screen) 3. Phenom 955 BE 4GB DDR3 MB GB + Saphire 4890Toxic (approx 1100€ with screen) 4. E8500 4GB DDR2 Asus P5Q Pro + Saphire 4890Toxic (approx 1000€ with screen) I have to order soon
  12. Ez3kiel


    +1 And when you watched all score, best rig seems to have the best score but only for intel cpu (seems too low for amd cpu)
  13. Yep, but this benchmark is the only way we have to compare rig today. I was about to buy the Phenom 955, but i7 platform costs only 100€ more for same or better performance. I 'm buying this rig almost only for this game, i really dont want to be disapointed and spend more than 1000€ for bad performance. Thats why i use Arma Mark
  14. I was about to buy approximately the same rig as this one. I just changed my mind to an i7 920 due to low score at arma mark (maybe its not a good reason) By the way, i think you will run this game with mid setting around 20-40fps (according to what i read). Me i want to play on 1600x1050 on high with more than 40fps, thats why i changed my mind. Hope it will help you.
  15. Ez3kiel


    Yea, plz. I did it yesterday morning but there is a lot of new one now. To upload files, i used filedropper. Wow you did a big job thanx I used your link below in "proper" way http://www.filedropper.com/scorearma2mark_2