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  1. Password is in the first post: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?115889-PvP-Animation-replacement-enhancement-pack&p=1871646&viewfull=1#post1871646
  2. Boxter.dk

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Use Six Updater then, or copy the mod-string from SU and use it somewhere else.
  3. Congratulations! Link to mirror : Lingor Island (v 1.4) : http://download.phoenixsoldiers.com/lingor_v14_lite.7z
  4. Nice one Link to mirror : Lingor Units (v 1.3) : http://download.phoenixsoldiers.com/lingor_units_v13.7z
  5. Boxter.dk

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Please check your PM's Sorry LJ... but I've posted almost at the same time :)
  6. Boxter.dk

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    From what I have tested so far I feel this is the best soundmod for ArmA. Thank you for all the hard work! :bounce3:
  7. Boxter.dk

    EOD Mod

  8. I'm not sure this is supported any more. Have you seen this: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=124538
  9. Boxter.dk

    Blake's Carrier Ops

    You have to hold down the G-key while moving.
  10. I guess that's a typo :)alt-shift-Q and alt-shift-E
  11. Boxter.dk

    ASR Map Grids

    Hi Rob, Confirming that the M109A6 Arty addon works with 1.3 ver. of this. Thanks!
  12. They are mission specific. Meaning the mission-maker has to put them in.
  13. Boxter.dk

    Robalo's ACE configs

    Hi Rob.. These configs are super nice. Thank you for the hard work!
  14. Info on "-skipIntro": Just tested "-skipIntro" here. With all our mods running (around 5 GB :) ). It works here with or without it. So it is not consistent. But I think that everyone should use "-skipIntro". Especially if the in-game editor is used. It speeds things up quite a bit.
  15. Try: C:\Program Files\Bohemia Interactive\ArmA 2;Expansion;ca;@cba2;@ace;@acex;@smk;@jayarma2lib;@acre;@soa;@ivd;@rho_rangers;@bink_sf;@jsrs-e;@jsrs-v;@jsrs-vw That should work :) If it does not work then there is a good chance that you have corrupt files somewhere.
  16. Hi Innomadic, What does your mod string look like?
  17. There is a password on the 0.25 rc1 zip file!?
  18. That is exactly what I mean. Strange that you are getting the error then. ---------- Post added at 06:42 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:39 AM ---------- http://filehippo.com/download_teamspeak/
  19. @CannonousCrash: As already said by CoolFire, if there are more than one sound device listed in the options of TS then that is the most likely source of the cut-outs. Please check for that.
  20. @Spec_Ops_Sniper: Try deleting the @ACRE folder and install it one more time. That should help.
  21. The TS-server has not much to do with ACRE. You can use any version here. The ACRE plugin is client side only.
  22. On the "Server" Tab under "Game server" ---------- Post added at 01:17 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:14 AM ---------- That will be up to you. But in general you can delete all the files you see in there.
  23. You are correct. The Beta build TS that comes with this package is provided so you do not need to download it manually (I guess). You can also download the .zip file without TS.