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  1. miho

    Karbala 2004 Mod - WIP thread

    good work :)
  2. nice work :) it is possible to make a 3d optics ?
  3. miho

    T-Virus mod

    I download this mod and have allready a problem. When I put Nemesis or Mr. X in editor and i.m a player ist all ok but when Ai must play with this characters i have kick to the deskop. I have put all addons in @RE Folder because i don't like ECP mod :P Is something missing ?
  4. maybe you split those pack in several parts 3 or 4 ?
  5. miho

    The Code Blue Thread

    so what's new in cba 1.2 final ? there are those unfinished unit's like acu soldier and special forces, marines ?
  6. Hi all. Today we presents some of WIP screens from the game. The internal demo will be soon avalaible. The demo will be includes: Weapons - assault rifles (kbk wz.96, skbk wz.96, kbk AKMS), machingun UKM-2000, side arm weapon wanad wz.83) Soldiers (3 models) and Honker (military vehicle)
  7. miho

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hi maybe some one have a gasmask addon & sunglasses in p3d with marged textures, and will be able tyo marge to the model with out errors ?
  8. here is my lod's 0,250 0,500 2,000 5,000 5,219 Fire Geometry Geometry HitPoints LandContact Memory View- Pilot
  9. Well i try to fix and get better texutres of polish aromur vest, if a can't get real good foto of this one http://www.militaria.pl/upload/wysiwyg/gfx/produkty/Specops/kamizelka_specops_MKT4_woodland/kamizelka_specops_MKT4_woodland.jpg i will use the ww4 mod one of them and add some of textures who will looks like the polish aroumur vest. The second thing is the i have some model issue, 1. In fpp view i don't see hands and i've see diferent texture of uniform. 2. Soldier do nut throw shadow of the ground 3 in middle view distance of a soldier the texture are white So when i fix this little things (bielow & Hitman is helping me) I release the screen shots of a second alpha units.
  10. miho

    ERT (Emergency Response Team)

    I have error "no special model" is there are requarier addons ?
  11. miho

    The Code Blue Thread

    So the special forces, marines and acu soldier http://img20.imageshack.us/img20/3897/rangerurban1.jpg Will be never released ?
  12. Polish Army in desert camouflage from up coming mod Version 0.1 beta
  13. miho

    Umbrella Units W.I.P.

    Second little update: RPD Units (Early Beta) & Umbrela Private Military Uploaded with ImageShack.us I have plan to do main characters of Resident Evil game like Clarie Redifield , Jil Valentine, Leon Kennedy ect. but i don't know how to make faces :( and put them on the config. The weapons in pic is just for testing and will be differend in final release. Of course any sugestinon are welcome :) Cheers. Miho
  14. miho

    OFP Addon request thread

    i mind is sowmething like using in news chooper i tv the orginal thred http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=48711 But links not working